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  • Elf on a Shelf

    No Christmas Holiday is complete without the occasional Elf and I ran into a few!! Sadly, they were in tough shape in need of some TLC due to a magnetic attraction to the refrigerator... Having just held a race at Sulphur Springs Motorsports Park the F-1 class was on my mind have competed against the Policar F-1's with a Scaley Lotus 49. The Lotus had been modified to accept a 26T Slot It gear and placed second which I was quite surprised at.

    The FF- 050 pushing 50 grams is impressive so what else could be done? Having acquired a Scalextric Tyrell P34 twin pack over the summer and badly in need of something with 6 wheels I leapt into action and all through the night the grinding of a Dremel made such a sight. When the smoke cleared a 25T Slot It geared Tyrell took to the track and was just as quickly off again. Smooth as butter but the guide is so far out of place for non-mag running as to be a mere suggestion that perhaps we should turn a bit for the corner. Any quick transition sends it flying, still I think it could place but it is a handful to drive though very quick.

    What was to be done? The guide could be moved but it would be an immense amount of work. ShapeWays to the rescue! Amato's had a chassis!!! and it is a beautiful piece of kit. I was all over it and soon my workbench was cluttered with the pieces of Tyrell. The chassis design means that gorgeous P34 body was going to have to get surgically enhanced. Again with the Dremel and as the story began to unfold it was not as scary as it had appeared. It was doable and then...those little wheels!! OMG, they are critical to the appearance of the car and I could not find any aftermarket bits to replace them that fit in the wheel wells and the Elven brothers putting the little things together must have used a touch of glue on the stub axles. I broke one removing the axle and had to repair it with some styrene tubing. I suggest hitting the axle with a soldering iron and pulling the wheel off that way.

    I purchased the ScaleAuto slimline motor 5mm offset Pod and am running the stock motor with a 25T offset gear. The front pair of wheels is load bearing and the rear front wheels are floating.
    20221218_091053.jpg 20221218_091352.jpg 20221218_094300.jpg 20221218_090753.jpg 20221218_090802.jpg The car came in at 60 grams and pulled my winning Policar Ferrari by 3 feet on my short 15 foot straight!!! How does it corner? Running the Pod just shy of tight it is very smooth with no chatter and predictable handling. The FF050 motor and 60 grams was an eye opener and will be explored further. Santa did stop in Clifton Springs, hope he's no stranger from now on. Perhaps I should spike that hot cocoa with a little Baileys. Merry Christmas!

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    Fantastic! I have a set of those as well as a few of the Policar F1 cars. Our group has been racing the Policars and I have been wondering if the Tyrells could be tuned to run with them.