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Newbie controller question

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  • Newbie controller question

    Hi. Just wondering if there are aftermarket adjustable controllers available that are compatible with Scalextric sets. Thanks

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    Which set?


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      I have a Scalextric classic GT analog set.


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        Since that's a Sport type set, I believe the controller supports brakes. In which case, I'd suggest getting a controller with adjustable "sensitivity" and adjustable brakes. This will allow you to easily adjust the controller to suit the car and your driving style, so that you can tame a twitchy car, or reduce the brakes for a car that stops on a dime. There are a variety of such controllers on the market, some of which come with the option of a Scalextric Sport compatible connector on the end. In some cases, you can also get a controller with standard club style connection, and an adapter for Scalextric Sport track.

        Brands you can look for include DS, Professor Motor,, Sloting Plus, and more. Since stock can be very transient, your best bet is to call your favorite slot car shop and talk to them about the options they have immediately available. Our sponsor,, is happy to talk to anyone about things like this.


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          There are two ways to wire a slot track, all of the set type tracks, except Policar, use what is called negative polarity. The majority of electronic controllers are wired for positive polarity and that is what most club style tracks use. There are a few switchable polarity controllers available, and resistor based controllers work with either polarity. Professor Motor and sell negative polarity controllers with connectors that would plug into your track. If you expect to have visitors with positive polarity controllers or race at other tracks that are positive polarity you would have to dump the power base, buy a new power supply and build driver's stations for standard alligator clip connections. If that was not a consideration, I believe that adapters are available that would allow you to connect a controller that was not supplied with the right connector to your existing track connections.


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            Thanks for the information, guys. So much to learn here. I've ordered a couple of books from Professor Motor that I hope will help get me up to speed on some of the basics. I don't really have a local track so I took a 2 hour drive today to Alpine Speedway in Helen, GA and bought a set of track that had been previously opened and had the cars removed. Really nice guy and very nice facility, just wish it was a little closer.


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              If you do not have a local commercial track or hobby shop there may be a private track or club that is closer. You might post a question on this BB asking about nearby clubs and tracks. Before the Internet became available there could have been a track right down the street that you were not aware of.
              I have been tempted to write an article about controllers. That would be complicated by several things. Each scale has somewhat different issues with respect to controllers, so a separate article for each scale might be needed. I have not tried every controller on the market. I have limited experience with controllers, for example.
              If you are thinking about buying a controller it would be nice if you could try it first.