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Loose Body Mount Screw

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  • Loose Body Mount Screw

    One of the screws to mount the chassis to the body of my Fly Ferrari is very loose. What's the best way to repair the mounting post so the screw fits tightly again? I assume I'll need to fill in the hole with something and drill it out again, but I'm not sure what to use that won't break the mounting post. Thanks.

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    I know there's a technique that some hhave used, is to apply a lubricant to the screw threads, then put glue (Shoo Goo?) in the post plus the screw; then unscrew it after a while and this can rebuild the post effectively.

    I'm sure someone can add to this!


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      I simply smear superglue round the inside of the hole with a length of piano wire, zap it and use it as is. If the screw is still too loose I repeat the process until I'm satisfied the screw is tight enough.
      If the plastic post is split you can put a brass tube round it and glue it on...or glue a new post on the body.


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        I've fixed cracked posts before using brass tube, but hadn't had the issue of the screw being so loose it just spins. I'll try the CA glue method and see how that works. Thanks for the help gentlemen.


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          Heat shrink tubing smeared with CA placed over the post. Once in position touch a soldering iron to the tubing until it shrinks tight against the post.
          Next, oil the screw, dip in CA and screw in until it nears the end of travel. Let dry, then back the screw out.


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            If it is loose and coming out, then I use a larger screw. But then I have an assortment of screws at my fingertips to choose from. Also when running slot cars I do not run the body screws tight anyway. There are many sizes of body mounting screws, if you are not sure call a retailer that has a variety in stock and consult.

            If the mounting post is cracked or worse then I use Evergreen Styrene plastic tubing to 'fix' the bodypost. If the post is just cracked then I use some tubing and make a 'sleeve' to fit over the entire outer portion of the post. It it is worse, like a piece of the tubing is missing then I have to get creative and make a new body post or a portion of the body post, all using evergreen styrene.​

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