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    Measuring stick

    C'mon fellas...that horse is soooo dead already. Let's not turn this thread into a back and forth about scale. I hardly think that was the intent of the original post. We get it, some of Racers models take artistic license with scale. Having said that, they are undoubtedly beautiful model race cars and to me worth every penny. I dont have anything close to the collection that MTalley has but my modest collection does include a Chaparral, a 330p4, 2 312ps and a 250LM piper. These cars are all great drivers on the track while looking better than ANYTHING else doing it!

    I just finished a chaparral from Racer parts that I bought from the Electric dreams and it is very very close in size to the SCX version that I redid several months ago. It's just a gorgeous looking car. It will also outrun the SCX car by a considerable margin even with all the work I did on the SCX. The only thing SCX about my first Chappy effort is the body and windscreen!

    My next project will be a 935k3 Racer "Racing Kit". I'll be using Racer's excellent decals to build the "Apple Computer" car...

    Now you can break out your calipers and rulers if you like...but.... why?

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      Well according to my measurements, the Racer 330 may be about 1/8th of an inch too long in it's wheel base, and that all depends on which actual car dimensions you use. As we all know, Ferrari was constantly changing specifications and fine tuning their cars. When I look at the incredible detail and outstanding craftsmanship Racer has introduced to the hobby, I take offense when someone says "they screwed up". These cars are, after all, very small representations, and I for one think no other manufacturer does a better job than Racer - counting rivets, or not!


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        Show me your home track that models a real world track in 1/32 scale and I'll grant a license to gripe about the Racers being out of scale.


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          The problem for me (not for you) is that some Racer cars look funny next to a 1/32 car. Particularly the 250LM.

          Now, they could have reduced it to 1/32, and it could have been just as nicely finished and detailed. The question is not whether it is in scale, or whether some guys care if it is in scale; the question is: why, with sophisticated CAD tools, isn't it in scale?

          That is a question that has not been asked, nor answered. No dead horse here!


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            Robert Livingston –

            I kinda agree with Quickcars post... That's not what this thread is about, and we've (you in particular) been down this road about Racers scale – over and over! At least their cars run great out of the box, and look great. Everything a slot hobbyist would want from a car... Yet the hard work of this small company is bashed with every new release because the wheelbase, or width of their cars is fractions of an inch off.

            You could argue that if you are paying top dollar that accuracy should be paramount... fair enough! I'd also argue their products are in so many ways (other than scale) are correct in details, and shape, etc. My NSR 917K has flaws when comparing it to the 1:1 version (ride height, wheel size), but it looks good, is fairly acceptable representation of a 917K, and runs great. Enough said!

            I know scale is important to you, but to me I respect the hard work that Racer does, and thought others who enjoy their cars would like seeing a behind the scenes look at their operations... Nothing more, nothing less. I didn't want to open up a whole scale debate. I'm as tired of hearing this just about as much as I'm tired of "magnet vs. no magnet" debates. Why should Racer be compelled to answer this question?

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              Racer scale

              I find it interesting how some people like to find small faults in things that are otherwise beautiful. I think most other slot cars look funny next to Racers. Has there ever been a perfect slot car? The drivers head on scalextric cars is too big. Fly cars don't run very well without a few adjustments. It's just the quirkyness of the hobby. Maybe Racer just made a small mistake in the scale of the 250 LM. I believe their more recent cars are more to scale. I won't lose any sleep over it, I love the way my Racer 250LM looks and runs.


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                Interesting story...

                Very interesting "article": it all started with two friends' love for models and slot cars and ended up in what seems to be a pretty nice business. In the text they speak of racing bodies that are thinner and as rugged, made for racing: has anyone heard anything about this?

                As I'm getting near retirement (some 4 years away) and still not having any idea of what I'll do with my free time - I don't want to stop working -, the thought of producing slot car bodies has passed my mind several times... it could just be what I'm looking for. Time will tell...

                Cheers and thanx for sharing, mtalley!
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                  I have to say that I love seeing pictures of your Racer collection! Thanks for sharing the article and I'm newly inspired to increase the number of Racer's in my garage. I had a great time putting together the Chaparral. It is a remarkable looking slot car and if I realized that Electric Dreams had 90% of the stuff to put one together, I never would have bothered redoing the SCX. But at least now I have models of the 65 and 66 cars and they do look pretty cool in my display case and running around the track together.

                  There are just so many I'd like to acquire but the cost is of course prohibitive. I'm glad that they have such a large inventory of parts available and the "Racing Kits" are much more within my reach financially.

                  I think everyone should own at least one.

                  Bravo Racer


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                    Quickcars –

                    Thanks! It's taken me five years to get my collection where it's at. I just finished the David Piper 412P – this will be my new vintage class club racer. Electric Dreams, as well as other places have spare parts for just about everything on a Racer model (even the body) – that's why I don't hesitate to race them. Plus, they are sturdier than you'd think. I am waiting for the P68!

                    Big Dog, the pre-painted kits are the way to go if you're on a budget. The bodies already have the great high gloss finish, and everything to complete the car... I think you'd prefer these over the racing kits.




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                      Unpainted kits...?

                      Hi Mike,

                      Yes, you guessed it right: I really don't have "that" much to spend. Also, I saw the pre-painted kits available at one of SCI's sponsors (can't remember which one right now), but I was wondering if any of the Racer kits come totally unpainted...? Those would be my choice, not for money reasons but because I really like to paint my own cars.

                      BTW, not meaning to stirr the "scale soft spot" pot, I'd like to know if any of the Racer cars are built in true 1/32 scale? I'm asking 'cause it would be my second buy - the first being the long awaited P68...!



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                        Big Dog –

                        Yes, you can get them in unpainted kit versions... They are actually about $20 to $30 cheaper than the pre-painted kits. By the way, I acknowledge that Racers appear to be larger than 1/32. I just don't think it's a big issue.




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                          Yes, the unpainted kit will save a few bucks and if you really, really want to paint 'em yourself, I guess that would be your choice. On of the really great things about Racers is the factory finish on the paint. Really a superior finish and right up there with the best from the land of die cast models!

                          I would venture a guesstimation that the chappy is pretty close to scale especially when compared to the SCX version which may or may not be to scale itself. It is definately not as out of proportion as the 250LM which does look quite out of scale when compared to a more to scale model of the same car. It's still a gorgeous slot car in it's own right though. I also believe that the 330P4 is larger than the Scaley version. It's also infinitely better looking

                          Treat yourself Bigdog. You won't regret it.



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                            Bigdog, I think the Porsche 935 is in 1/32. Not all of them are huge.


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                              The Chapparal is not exactly 1/32, it is about a centimeter too wide and the wheelbase is off by the same margin. That doesn't prevent it from being a beautiful car; it doesn't look out of place between models that are more to scale. That is what Racer cars are about to me, it doesn't have to be exact as long as they look pretty.


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