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    I never buy "collectibles" except to offend my friend Philippe by running the $%^& out of them. I didn't buy the tinplate car, but did buy the plastic 375 F1 Ferrari. One of my favorites. I have a model with an old old glas body, and a Pittman DC60 something it it. pittmans never seem to wear out!



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      I have a good friend like you (listening Jamea?). If I mention the word collectible he has a sort of fit (plus petit mal). He either refuses outright to buy the car or makes a point (he denies this) of roofing his more "collectible" cars. I sometimes threaten to buy them back (at laughably low prices of course).
      Eliot, or Nelly, as he is better known, modifies everything and has no problem adding little sponsor logos to dress the car up, painting little details a little differently, changing the wheels, pulling off wings (he pathologically hates wings) and complains voiciferously at having to run anything stock.
      Most of the guys run somewhere in the middle, with me at the collectors end, which means I have a lot of hangar queens and doubles of fave cars.
      I suspect our club is a pretty good representation of the hobby.

      I don't mind adding detail or improving the look; and I hate my cars looking toy like.

      My current project is a Cartrix Lotus 16. I am just making the rear spring set and disk brakes for the wheel inserts and plan to have pics online soon. I also plan to up-engine the car so it will run with the scaley GP and shorten the rear axle to reduce that crazy wide stance of the car.