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Controller to track wire

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  • Controller to track wire

    I searched the threads here and didn't find what I'm looking for but I'm sure this question has come up before and been answered so I apologize in advance.

    I've got some older Parma and Russkit controllers and wanted to wire them using curled stretchable wire like a landbased telephone or set of headphones. I use gold plated stereo headphone jacks as plug ins for the track so I felt this would be a natural.

    Thought I had the answer when I found a 24 foot extension cord for headphones at my local radioshack but it turns out the wire inside is not adequate. It's too light of a gauge and causes a power drop.

    Any suggestions for replacement?

    Ventura Alfa
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    If you are trying to go the cheap route you can use Speaker Wire....
    Or go to the hardware dept and they have a selection of 2 and 3 wire already
    in wrapping...

    Get some fuses while you are at it!!!


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      You can order custom audio cables from Markertek. Not sure if their coiled cable is what you want, but give them a look. Fair prices and excellent workmanship on the terminations. I bought many stereo cables from them (typically Canare cable for headphone extensions). Call their customer service department if you have questions.

      The site does say that coiled cable will cause a voltage drop when compared to regular cable. This has XLR terminations, but they could redo them for you:
      NRG Coiled Extension Cable - 4-pin male to 4-pin male, 6 feet: High-quality coiled cable retracts out of a user's way for maximum convenience. For power requirements up to 30 volts DC at 4 amps.
      You could also look for 18G or thicker coiled three-wire (grounded) AC extension cord, cut off the AC plugs, and add stereo phono connectors. You might have to look at electrical supply houses for suitable wire unless you find something in the local hardware store. For example, Ace Hardware has this: 16/3 SJTW 13 amp 125 volt 1625 watt PVC jacket Round wire 3 conductor grounded. You'll only be able to use 1/4" stereo phono plugs with that heavy gauge wire (not the 1/8" or 3.5mm). The Parma Controller wire is 14G, I think, but I doubt you'll find coiled 14G 3-wire cable.

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