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  • Newbie needs advice please ...

    Hi all

    I am looking at getting a slot racing set-up (having a young son really helps justify this ) and have a few questions I would like clarification on if you would be so kind.

    I understand that SCX and classic Scalextric track joins up fine, and understand you can get adaptors to fit scalextric sport to classic/scx.
    My questions are:

    1. Does SCX digital fit standard SCX and classic or sport scalextric track ?
    2. Will SCX digital cars run on scalextric digital controllers or/and vice-versa ?
    3. Will normal cars run on digital controllers as per the anologue ones (ie throttle only without the digital extra's like braking and lane changing) ?

    And the advice I am after is:
    I understand the best way to go about this is to buy the best first set you can afford, as its cheaper than buying the extra's speratley, would it be better to buy a scalextric set, or an SCX set ?
    I am quite taken with the digital idea, is this a wise move, or just an expensive gimmick ?

    Many thanks.

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    1. Does SCX digital fit standard SCX and classic or sport scalextric track ? No, SCX Digital is a Stand Alone System, it can not be adapted to older SCX or Scalextric.
    2. Will SCX digital cars run on scalextric digital controllers or/and vice-versa ? No
    3. Will normal cars run on digital controllers as per the anologue ones (ie throttle only without the digital extra's like braking and lane changing) ? No, you can run Scalextric Digital Cars on Anologue Tracks, but will not have braking effect. SCX Digital cars will not run on any other system at this time.

    The SCX Digital System is a completely Stand alone System, different Track and Mechanically switched cars. It is a tremendously fun system but can not accept other cars. Of course you could graft another car body to the SCX Digital Chassis but as the lane changing is mechanical you can not chip cars.

    The Scalextric System does allow older track to be used with adaptors, all other brand cars can be chipped to work with the Digital Power and Control on SSD. Not all cars can be easily adapted at this time.

    There is also Carrera where you can use their standard track and it is possible to retro chip a car, however I do not think Carrera push this feature.

    NINCO will be releasing a Digital System this fall, could combine the best of all right now, I hope it allows chipping of cars and adjustable power. Plus the ability to hook up to a Computer timing system.

    Digital is fun, and it is developing into another part of the Model Car racing Market.

    Not for everyone, but to some an exciting new world, with potential Fuel Management, and other exciting features.

    Hope this helps some.


    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Re: Thanks

      Ooops !


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        Re: Thanks

        Many thanks for the reply
        Hmm, I suspected SCX digital was a stand alone thing .. pity as it looks to me to have the best way of switching lanes, one track piece does both directions for both lanes, as far as I can see Scalextric only have a curved lane change which goes one lane only, one direction only :\

        This brings up a few new questions (sorry :o ).

        Given that the overtake is so limited on scalextric, are there any advantages to running scalextric digital ?
        I can't see running more than one car per slot as a major benefit if lane changing is handicapped this way.
        So that leaves braking, how is this implemented, I am assuming some form of reverse power to the motors ?
        What is involved in fitting a chip to other cars ?

        I am very likely to go with scalextric track, mainly because its easy to get, and there is lots of classic track available second hand, and, as I understand it, SCX do not appear to have an importer now for the UK, which means I run the risk that they may not find one, and I am stuck with hard to get parts if I went SCX digital.
        Carrera, I know even less about, but I don't think its that common in the UK ?
        It really seems to be down to if its worth going Scalextric digital over Scalectrix regular for me I think. I would welcome any more advice and input you guys can offer, feel free to point out holes in my thinking


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          Re: Thanks

          Carrera's "double" lane changing straight has been released in the States this month. Dunno whether it's available in UK.

          Having owned both Scalextric and Carrera, I can tell you that the curved lane change isn't a significant problem in operation. It's more of a handicap in circuit design, because it requires a 90-degree turn of a specific radius, preceded by at least a short straight.

          Scalextric Digital braking can be switched on or off, and it can be either "automatic" (when you fully release the throttle) or activated by a separate button on the controller.


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            7thFG Alexandru, I can't help you with particulars about Digital. But, I wanted to add that you are correct in theory about how the brakes on the slot car work. Generally, under braking the motor is 'shorted' creating a braking effect.

            Also, please note that Scalextric Sport track, which Digital is a part of, has a deeper slot than that of Classic Scalextric or SCX track. If you join Classic or SCX track with Sport track you will have to trim the guide flags on your cars. If you don't your cars will make a clickity-clack sound when the guide flag sticks the track bridging between the power rails.


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              is also implemented in Scalextric Sport non digital.


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                Re: Braking

                Thanks again guys, a nice helpful bunch here

                Thatguy01, Yes, it was the track layout limitations of the curved lane change, and the fact 2 pieces are required for both lanes to have a change (more expensive), that is putting me off that idea.

                LSintegra94, I had heard that sport had a deeper slot, but wasn't aware that SCX standard did too, thanks for pointing that out. I think I read somewere, that SCX doesn't hook directly to a converter, so would need the converter track hooked to classic track then hooked to the SCX, is that correct ?

                M Brown, Thanks, again a usefull piece of info I didn't know

                I am still undecided on the digital thing ...., its quite expensive too change to digital afterwards,(more than the cost of most sets here) so possibly it might pay to initially invest in it and hope they find a better solution for the lane change in the near future.
                But, if I cant run normal cars without chipping on the digital system, it means a limitaton in cars I can use, and extra expense to chip ones that I can !

                I am off to a nearby hobby store today, so I will see what they have in and what sort of prices, to compare with those I have seen online.
                Its probably just a research exercise, but on the off-chance they have a bargain knocking around I might grab it


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                  Re: Braking

                  "I had heard that sport had a deeper slot, but wasn't aware that SCX standard did too"

                  No, that isn't what I said. Scalextric Classic and SCX have the same depth slot. Sport is the only one with a deeper slot.


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                    Re: Braking

                    That will teach me to (mis)read while under the influence :lol

                    Just back from hobbystore, picked up the latest Scalextric catalogue and the adaptor tracks for a good price, unfortunatley, he had the set I liked (Porsche GT with the RMS software) but wouldn't haggle the price to were I wanted it
                    Anyone know were I can get free scalectric track planner software, I found the tracker 2000 one, but its limited to 15 pieces on the demo, and they want £30 for the full version :\
                    Someone must do a free downloadable one ?
                    I am looking at maybe buying the track, controllers and cars seperatley(found somewere selling brand new sport track a decent amount under the RRP) unless I see a bargain set, just working out if its going to save me money or not.


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                      Re: Braking

                      Can you get kits of the slot cars ? do they work out cheaper ? If anyone have links (if they exist) to UK suppliers preferably, but I can browse US ones for ideas etc


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                        Check here for a free track planner.

                        Purchasing the cars as kits or parts will cost you more in the end. Just stick to the RTRs. The kits that are available are limited run models of cars that aren't mass produced, and they can be very expensive.

                        We don't allow people to post links to stockists on the forum here. Especially outside the USA. Since we're based in the US and our mission at SCI is to promote and grow the hobby within North America. And, to not promote two or three businesses. We want the hobby to grow all over and not let just a few shops take over. That's why the majority of advertising here is manufacturer only.


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                          Re: Braking

                          Generally, a mfr's smallest racing set sells for the same total price as the individual cars, controllers, and power supply--the track pieces are effectively free.

                          I recommend either the "Grand Prix" set with the CocaCola and Mobil Indy Dallaras, or the "Indy" set with Pennzoil and Corteco Indy Dallaras. Either set should be cheap, and the Dallaras are among the best available slot cars at any price.

                          If you're interested in digital racing, you'll find that either the full Carrera or Scalextric set price isn't much more than the essential individual "digital" components.

                          The Carrera "double" lane change isn't particularly cheap. It's more of a track-design tool than a cost saver. Unless you have the Carrera double changer, both Carrera and Scalextric require two "single" changers, unless you use a single X-type crossover piece. (It's possible to have a practical race with a single X-type crossover and a single switch track. The logic of it is as complicated to explain as relativity, but it works.)

                          Generally, mass-produced slot cars are perfectly cheap in fully assembled form; they're assembled in the low-cost Chinese toy factories. Some limited production cars are significantly cheaper as kits.


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                            Re: Braking

                            "Some limited production cars are significantly cheaper as kits."

                            Read as $150 versus $300


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                              Re: Braking

                              Many thanks again guys

                              Just downloaded the track planner and will investigate shortly

                              I usually assume it's only manafacturer run sites have a no links policy, so I didn't realise this site would be that way too, but I understand the reasoning and naturally respect the rules of any forums I visit (even if I neglect to read them most of the time :eek ).

                              I was just curious as I enjoy building model kits of all sorts, and just wondered if this offered a further diversity etc, and I had seen mention somewere of cars made by a well known kit manafacturer(no names in case its not encouraged), I wasn't sure if they were kits or RTR cars.

                              I have managed to grab what I hope to be a bargain, from e-bay, a brand new and factory sealed Porsche GT interactive + RMS set.
                              This set retails over here for £140-£150 after discounts (last years model, not in the latest catalogue), I got it for £80, considering the amount of track, the RMS software, and 2x Porsche 911 GT3 cars, I was suprised no-one beat me too it ! (crosses fingers all is as described :eek ).

                              If I want to go digital in the future, I can always look to pick up the powertrack, powerpack and controllers for a reasonable sum in a few months.

                              Once the set has arrived, some extra track will be ordered, and a month or so down the line I will start collecting more cars, I have a fondness for 60's and 70's american muscle cars, and already have some on the "to get" list


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