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    Hi, its 7thFG Alexandru, it took me a while to figure out why I couldn't post in the old forum ... then I saw the bit about a new one :o

    Anyhow .. As its not easyboard I can drop the easyboard name ... and use my online racing name

    Just thought I would post an update as to how its going with my new stuff

    Got some of the track today, and went down to the hobbyshop to buy some extra rad1,3 and 4 sections, and modified my layout so I could build a track with what I have currently.

    First impressions ... wow cars grip is excellent, it tends to be a case of tipping over if to fast in a corner rather than slide out like they used to when I was a lad !
    The tyres are very grippy considering the cars are stock scaley porker GT3's , and the magnet's make quite a difference, I have not used magnetised cars until today.
    I did discover 2 more things I need though !
    Inside run off strips for rad1 corners .... the inside car tends to drop the back wheel off the track as it cuts the corner sometimes, and I think I should invest in a lap counter/timer for keeping track of races, and too race myself
    I am quite suprised, even though my start finish straight is 5.5 straights long, with a slight S (no need to slow for) that I can't hold full throttle for very long at all !

    *Edit*I managed to get the Carrera Mustang GT racer from E-Bay, but got outbid on the Camaro racer, mainly because I went to bid and e-bay decided it wanted me to sign in again .. by which time it was all over
    Tracking another 'maro ATM .. there is also a Carrera Dodge Charger 500 racer and I like ... but thats more than I want to pay right now.*Edit End*

    Oh .. OT a bit, when I try to past text into the post with the button above (can't right click, its not on the options), it tells me that I need to edit my mozilla config file to allow it .... erm anyone know how?

    Last edited by Savage; 09-30-2005, 03:33 PM.


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      Trying to paste text

      I tried it out in the Test Forum.

      It works for me.

      I tried with something saved elsewhere, and also with a line from this post.

      Not sure why you are having a problem.



      I tried it out in the Test Forum.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Hey Savage aka 7thfg

        Savage: has a real ring to it!

        Research conducted at Dr. Vanski's institute of slot car safety indicates that 12 -15 straights are required to achieve terminal velocity. Make sure you have adequate protection.

        I make my own borders out of a foam carpet underpad called "eco foam" available at Home Depot here in Canuckistan.

        The stuff is super cheap. CDN$10 will get you a huge chunk of it.

        It's pretty much exactly the same height of Scaley Sport track. This custom border would have cost me pennies.

        Avoid superfluous use of smileys. This playing with toy cars is serious stuff.

        So remember:

        Don't lick your track!!

        Last edited by dr vanski; 09-30-2005, 08:08 PM.


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          Ah Hah!

          So its confirmed - the Vanski has been institusionalised! (and that's hard to splel)..

          Savage - the addiction has bitten you hard - enjoy!

          Cheers, Tony.


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            Oh dear !

            Well a lap timer, inside run off strips, A Carrera Camaro racer and a Carrera Corvette Stingray (stars and stripes livery) have all been bought from e-bay today .... then I hit my paypal transaction monthly limit ... that's put an end to that for a bit

            Must admit the Carrera 'stang I have coming doesn't look as good (in pics at least) as the scaley one ... ... at a nearly half the scaley's price though, got to be worth trying !


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