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  • Now I really am STUMP(ed)...

    Now I am really STUMPed! After doing some time waisting - I mean time well spent researching this message board ...I'm confused; Do I or don't I play with (oops there I go again:o ) I mean race the "Limited" Edition Red Lobster March, Greenwood Corvette as well as the FLY Brian Redman GT40 and the Roig Campeones 917 Porsche??????????



    ...Isn't interesting how when you tell someone that there are over a billion stars in the universe they believe you - but just try and tell them that the paint is still wet...:rolleyes

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    Repeat after me:

    It's a TOY car.
    It's a TOY car.
    It's a TOY car.

    If you can't PLAY with a toy, what good is having it? :rolleyes



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      If you don't want to play with them, send them to me and I will. It's a toy, not an investment. You don't have to thrash them, but you gotta take them out of the box and drive 'em.


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        If I had enough money to buy a McLaren F1 I wouldn't let it sit in the garage.


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          Sounds good to me guys! That's what I was thinking when I bought them but then I got to reading and my brain started to play tricks with me:lol Now all I need is an invite back to Luf's (since our track isn't up and operational yet) ...of course then I'd have to figure out which of the 21 cars to bring...ooooh the agony of it all:rollin



          "Don't you wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? There's one marked 'Brightness', but it doesn't work". ~Gallagher


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            hi...I am not sure on this but, anrnt stamps that are used worth more than one that anrnt used?...



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              Mint stamps fetch more, unless the used ones are on a first day cover of note. Using a slot car is more fun than using a stamp though.

              Race the cars. Shelves are for books. Still waiting for your post: "What's up with this Fly car...

              You have a lot of work ahead of you to run those cars on wood. Have fun with it!


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                For those who have this issue, the solution is to half the number of different types of car that you purchase and for those that you do purchase, get two of each.

                Then you have one to add to a collection and looks pretty, and one to race that you aren't so picky about.

                It sounds so easy in theory.

                I basically have cars that are for the shelf that look pretty and get an occasional outing, and cars that are raced. Over time if a car gets so badly damaged that it effectively is a write off then it gets used for spares and if its a car I like and its still available a replacement is purchased.

                Occasionally I do purchase two of each. Generally the "limiteds" are for the shelf.

                The more expensive the car the greater the fear of racing it. Cheap cars get raced more so I guess racers buy cheap cars and collectors buy expensive cars if I am anything to go by.

                If you approach your dealer nicely he might give you a discount for purchasing 2 identical cars.



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                  Here's a simple way of going about this...if a car would become "collectible" for one reason or the other down the road apiece, your car too would gain in value as well even though you've enjoyed its on-track performance over the years.

                  That being said, if you delve into the high-price world of say, MMK, Racer, etc. - well, you're on your own then...


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                    If you can't afford two of each, get a hot glue gun. :smokin


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                      just think of it this way. Your probably thinking " I bet this will be worth alot in years to come" but seriously, when its that time, would you sell it? I myself would forget about it, or have lost it. And if you like it that much, would you sell it?



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                        Well, like I said I'm going to forget about it and just "play" with all the cars...although I do have a box or ten of old sportscards that didn't fair too well in the spokes of my bike - perhaps I'll see how well the cars do:lol ...but seriously as a Newbie and after reading some of the other posts on this topic I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing something in error by "playing" with these so called limited editions because I fully intended to be playing with all the cars when I bought the time of purchase I really never gave the 1 of 3000 statement a second thought and if in fact they were "worth" something I'd have offered them to somebody who really wanted to "trailer queen" them. Besides, I've already got lots of other car stuff that's supposed to be of the "collector" status that is worthless to just about everybody but myself:\

                        On another point dr vanski bowing to your wealth of experience why not just tell me all the "tricks" concerning my cars now ...or are you just going to have me be fodder for Luf and the "boys" for a while first:o ?

                        ...let's see I think I've got this right...the first thing I'm supposed to do is submerge the cars in a vat of oil or water or McD's secret sauce then run the motor for a thousand hours or three minutes or not; next take them to a tire shop, have the wheels aligned, then off to Jenny Craig for some serious weight adjustments, I then need to keep this all together by adding a twenty-four-hour cross-your-heart support device by gluing this and that, and also make it slippery by oiling here and there :eek that just about right?

                        Hey Gordo what ever happened to a simple Martini and just getting behind the wheel (Shaken not stirred and in moderation of course)?

                        Gee, I'm having too much fun already and I have yet to turn a wheel:b

                        Thanks for the "welcome" into the forum all,

                        Stump (aka THE 007):smokin

                        "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow" ~ Mark Twain


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                          I race mostly magged (and some non-magged...but that's a different story) cars on Scaley Sport track, as well as Carrera track at the local club. I'm sure Luf and the gang have plenty of Fly Classics they can pop the body off of and show you what's what on his amazing wood tracks. That's where the wealth of experience lies. I've only been at this a little more than a year.

                          The basics for any car would seem to be eliminating side-to-side play in the rear axle, gluing in motors and bushings, paying attention to the braids and how the guide sits in the slot, and ensuring proper gear mesh. Making sure your wheels are round, and your tire's contact patch is flat is also essential. Fly stub axles (such as those found on the front of your 917k) are notorious for having way too much play and will require some attention. Running non-magged cars on wood will bring out the bad handling traits that magnets tend to mask.

                          Sounds like you're off to a pretty good start!


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                            dr vanski...thank you for taking my "bowing to your vast experience" barb the way I intended - in jest

                            ...and yes, I noticed the "loose" front wheel assemblies on the 917 right away...perhaps I'll leave that one alone and let others "race" it


                            Stump (THE REAL 007):hat

                            "If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead". ~ Johnny Carson


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                              ...or are you just going to have me be fodder for Luf and the "boys" for a while first ?
                              That's going to happen anyway. We'll happily show you how to make your cars better, but it takes time, usually lots of time, before new guys get the hang the tracks, the driving and of course the car tuning,


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