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    Does anyone know of a website that offers a wide range of 1/32 car track reviews? I have looked on a few sites that contain reviews but none have a real comprehensive collection of track times. Many sites have a good break out of one or two manufactures but not a wide range. There are 20 plus 1/32 slot car makes, many of which probably run vastly different.

    Optimum would be a single track that has tested and timed cars from a vast number of makes and gives best lap and quality reviews for Out Of Box cars.

    Anyone know of such a site???

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    SCI will be that Site

    As we build on the features available here we will be adding a complete Test Section listing all cars times on our Test track.

    As to listing other Sites, please remember we can not support links to other BBS systems that are part of a Retail Store.

    Here at SCI we support all Retail Stores not just one or two.

    Of course anyone who wants to supply SCI with Test Results from their track we are always looking for Reviews, News, Tests and How too's.


    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Not much online, but...

      ...MCR does pretty much what you're asking for, enough so to justify a subscription for just this element if it's important to you. They test a wide variety of cars on a common track/tracks and report the lap times. Many of those cars are subsequently "prodified" for parity sake and the results reported. Subscriptions are available at and back issues are available through many dealers.

      MCR may not be a great source for relative "quality of cars" information as the editors seem somewhat locked in the "no criticism of product" paradigm but this is the one source of relative performance information on dozens of cars.

      I know Alan's tests here on SCI are generally done on his smaller home layout and then often taken to the shop and run on the layouts there. He could probably assemble hard relative performance numbers too.

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        by the numbers

        These aren't reviews per se, but you can link to a comprehensive summary of slot car speeds that have raced on my setup. I time the cars using Ultimate Racer 3 software which keeps a database of performance data for each car. I run magged cars with my buddies on Sport track fwiw.


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          Great set up Dr Vanski and thanks for the link. Looking at just the raw AVE speed numbers would you say the Camaro RR from Scalextric also had the best track times and handling?

          Thamks again for everyones help.


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            mileage may vary

            Hi Rope,

            Probably the fastest car I have is the Fly Viper. It needed a bit of work in the front end but it's now a rocket. The Scalextric Trans-Am Mustang and Camaro are among the fastest as well.

            The lap times vary as they are for a number of tracks. I'm a rug racer so don't have a permanent setup, and generally build a different track each time.


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              My overall intent is to find that mixture of speed and trackability out of the box. Adding upgraded tires is not a problem, I just don't want to break out the dremil and start hacking away.

              Thanks again


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                Our of the box driveability

                Hey Rope,

                A few good cars out of the box:
                • Scalextric Mustangs and Camaros
                • Scalextric MG/Lola, Lister Storm
                • Ninco NSX
                • anything by (ditch the stock tires though)
                • Carrera Ferrari 575
                • Fly Porsche 911
                This is my experience on Sport track with mags.


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                  There is a great site for this...

                  The problem is that is in Spanish
                  You can find all kind of great stuff about slot racing


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