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  • Carrera Batmobile

    Only available in Euroland apparently and possibly limited to 5000 models. The DC Comics 2000 version:-

    Edit - a bit of extra info. The car has an led in the rocket nozzle at the rear to simulate flames. The eyes of Batman on the front light up. The engine compartment has a realistic looking motor that lights up. The wings are made of a material that is flexible to prevent damage. Robin also sits in the cockpit. The model is being offered at a higher price than the typical Carrera list price to cover the higher than average cost of production.


    PS for anybody doing a search the German spelling for Batmobile is "Batmobil"

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    Much better then the Scalextric, plus it's the true Batmobile, But I still like this one.


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      This car is only being sold through Idee + Spiel in Germany (toy store). Here is a quote:

      "The idee+spiel Batmobil is the first special edition in history by Carrera, which is not a model variant, but was completely again designed and exclusively for a customer manufactured."

      They also said the license agreement was closed after this edition and no other versions will be released.

      The car was conceived by DC Comics and designed by the company Stadlbauer.

      Price is listed as 59.99 Euro, but is now sold out.... in fact pre-orders had already sold them out.

      Oh, almost forgot... the numbers produced were not released, but in the past Idee + Spiel (Carrera) has not made more than 1100 units, and most less than 1000.

      Bill J.


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        Re: bodies

        The motor is not illuminated! I talked to an I&S co-worker today and told him so. The second picture shows what you see of the Batmobile in a dark room.

        <img border=0 src="" />
        <img border=0 src="" />


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          This is the quote from the official description:

          Translated from German...

          "equipment features like the tail nozzle lit up by an LED, a fully glassed and lit engine compartment with realistic engine reproduction and an asking one mask with yellow shining asking one eyes in the front."

          I also point out the many pictures of the car reflect a lit
          engine compartment too, so if it's unlit, then somebody screwed up...


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            yeech !..thats an ugly slotcar :\ ..
            but i'm sure 'batheads' will be falling over themselves...:lol
            would prefer a version from the 60's sitcom instead or from 1st batman film but better detail than the scalex version...


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              Re: ...

              well, i for one really like it!! Gotta get one- anyone out there know where i can get 1, or 2?????????? (


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                Re: ...

                anyone out there know where i can get 1, or 2?
                Your best bet is eBay, there is one for sale right now, current bid is $99.00... still within reason, since the original cost was 59.99 euros + shipping, which could add up to over $100.00.. that's if you could still order one, which you cannot... least not from Idee + Spiel.

                IMHO this will be the single most sought after Carrera car Ever... for many reasons, very limited, never sold in stores, unique model, not a variant... and, Tough To Find!

                Good Luck!

                Bill J.


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