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  • Vanquish???

    Anyone know for sure if Vanquish closed it's doors, or are they still in business, or restructuring?????

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    no more big 1/32 slot cars. company not completely shut down. supposedly the company is restructuring. hopefully their big guy realized that 1/32 CanAm cars shouldn't be four inches wide.


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      That was the point wasn't it? they weren't 1/32 scale, more like 1/29 or something.



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        1/27.5, but who's counting?




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          I see that MG Vanquish got the rights to build that orange GSR - Lamborghini Murcielago a few months back, and now I read on a European site that MRRC has purchased the molds for this car and they will be making them in the future. Ah what a tanlged web they weave.
          I don't know about the rest of you, but if they just would have made these Can Am cars in 1/32 I would have bought a pile of them. Is it too late for them? They must have the rights to all these cars, couldn't they retool and build 1/32 scale versions? (Not asking much eh:lol )

          Gordo (I dream of Can Am) Bond 007


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            Usually, when companies fold they have a huge load of debt. Therefore, they probably cannot spend more money to have new tooling created. Vanquish will probably sell their assets to (partially) pay back the investors and the creditors. The assets are probably limited to the dies and the rights, unless leasing arrangements were created so that they were leasing the dies, not owning them outright. I could go on and on speculating, but the point is, companies which fail usually disperse their holdings, which eventually resurface under new ownership. Unfortunately, tangible objects like dies are sometimes stored, lost, scrapped, or damaged; or, they are "tied up" due to ongoing litigation. Litigation can also hold up the rights for long periods of time.

            If MRRC has something leftover from Vanquish, let's hope they can capitalize some production in a reasonable amount of time. Who knows?
            These 1/28-ish scale stepchildren could be with us forever. A true "niche" line of slot cars.


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              Please, let's not go into the scale issues here- that is not my point in this thread!!!>:

              So, no one really knows for sure what is going on with Vanquiish.....i too can GUESS, i am looking for ANSWERS.......


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                looks like they took a 1/32 beating..personally i bought quite a few of their models and will be saddened to see them bow out of the slot market...
                i don't care much for the 'scale' issue...their cars were far too beautiful to ignore...
                maybe one day they will become the cars everyone pays top dollars for because of their quirky nature ?


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                  There Cool

                  Alot of the cars are not true 1:32 scale anyway,
                  So who cares...

                  As for Vanguish i have approx 8 can ams and all of the f1's they have released....

                  From what i have herd they are still around.


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                    Re: There Cool

                    perhaps you should email VMG directly.
                    if you only want the 'real' answer.


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                      Re: There Cool

                      Mono- per your suggestion, is there a proper e-mail address for Vanquish? If so, i would ask them directly!!

                      So, if we must discuss the Vanquish products and how they differ from other manufacturers car.......again....for the thousandth time here on is how i feel: among my favoritr 1:1 race cars would have to be the high winged McLarens that VMG produces, and any other McLaren from that glorious era of Can-Am racing.

                      The VMG line of cars, to me, are among my favorite slot cars of this current era. I have been steadily trying to collect the VMG line, as i collect other brands as well. I am sorely dissappointed to hear any news of the end of the VMG slot car line. Even with the differential, which i have no problem with lubing for proper running, i still find these cars wonderfully detailed, and spectacular! Not only to look at, but so unique to race. And in my many club races, the Vanquish cars are very popular. The cars are very evenly matched, and only need the differentail to be properly lubed for break-in, and the rest of the car really does not need much of any work to be race ready.
                      I admit that the VMG line of cars are not for the newbie in this hobby, and there is nothing wrong with that. They are not budget priced slot car toys for little kits, these cars are for the more mature and serious collector and racer of newly made slot cars.

                      Hey: got a problem with the scale of a VMG car?? Well, they ARE NOT the only newly made 1/32 slot cars being made today, and being sold as 1/32 scale, so do not think that they are alone in this situation, not by a long shot!!! And not only is this an issue today, but many a vintage slot car, sold as 1/32 were anywhere near 1/32. they were anywhere from approx 1/28 to 1/34, and beyond!! Just look at a Fly GB TRack Chevron, just for one very popular car example.

                      Down the raod a piece, in time, we will see the values of VMG cars skyrocket, especially if VMG closes it's doors any time soon!!


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                        Re: There Cool

                        MG Vanquish are trying to restructure.

                        I was told they are not finished yet, but it will be a while before any more news is available.

                        MRRC Purchased the Proteus Lambo tooling and they now have those tools at their factory.

                        Hope this helps a little.



                        PS We are starting to see the signs of too many Manufacturers and too few Customers. The next year will be interesting for several of the smaller companies.
                        This Hobby needs to reach new people.

                        Start a Trend, invite and Race with a Friend, or two!!!
                        Alan Smith
                        SCI Owner.



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                          Re: There Cool

                          thanks for the good VMG news Alan. Vanquish needs really to either lower the retail price of a replacement differential read assembly, and/or sell the crown gear alone, and/or replace the differential with a solid steel axle and Slot-it crown gear.
                          As for scale issues, that is a tough one to call. I do not mind the larger sized cars. Is it possible, with today's technology, to re-issue their cars in a more 1/32 size? Can a computer aid to reduce the size of existing molds???
                          Looking forward to hearing new release info from Vanquish any time in the future.:hat


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                            I see that MG Vanquish got the rights to build that orange GSR - Lamborghini Murcielago
                            Nope... as Alan pointed out, this was Proteus that did the GSR Lambo, and what a great car it is! Now MRRC has the moulds, let's see what wonders they release.


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