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With Thanks To Luf and the "Boys"...

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  • With Thanks To Luf and the "Boys"...

    Well thanks to Luf and the boys down at Archer I'm certified (although many would argue the point that I was certified years ago:lol )! Yep, had this idea that I'd get myself and my students involved in slotcar racing - I have many memories of going to SilverDollar Bowl (back in Calgary) in the old days with an older neighbor to watch him race his '66 Toronado on their 1/24 scale track...then finally talking Santa into putting a racetrack under the tree for me - a Scalelextric one in fact...oh so many hours I spent tinkering and racing...but I digress. Luf invited me down to Archer - I've been there a few times now although I'm not too sure if it was the racing memorabilia on the walls downstairs , the Targa track upstairs or the "pops" that made me want to keep coming back - perhaps it was some sort of hypnotic, subliminal air-freshener but I was re-hooked. So much so that we've almost completed construction of a wood 65 or so foot five-lane "L" shaped track, bought some of the required supplies (power supply, controllers etc.). But up until yesterday I had no cars ..However that "thing" that bit me down at Luf's not so long ago reared its head and now I have - get ready for this - remember I said almost completed track - 21:eek I just hope I didn't do anything stupid - my wife just rolled her eyes when I showed her what I'd bought (so far I'm in good shape - no cuts or bruising:rollin ). I bought two lots of cars at two different shops:

    Lot one:
    - Red #3 GT40 MkII
    - #48 'BFG' Chev Corvette L-88
    - Gold #5 Ford GT MKII 1966 Le Mans
    - White '69 Camaro
    - White Corvette L88

    - Mini Cooper "Red"
    - Mini Cooper "Silver"
    - Super Kart "Hot Chilis Team"
    - AC Cobra #51 'Black'

    Lot Two:

    - Red Lobster March 83G
    - Greenwood Corvette "Spirit of Le Mans '76"

    Carrera Evolution
    - #64 '69 Camaro SS 396

    - Brian Redman Ford GT40
    - Alex Soler Roig Campeones Porsche

    - #1 Cadillac (LMP?)

    - #45 Corvette L88
    - Ford GT40 (Red)
    - White Corvette L88
    - #40 Black '69 Camaro
    - #70 Boss 302 Mustang
    - #72 Red '69 Camaro

    I'm now open for suggestions on just about anything...especially about these uncontrollable muscle spasms I've developed:o - but please don't chastise me for what I've bought - I'm getting enough of that from my wife!

    Thanks for listening (reading) to this newbie ramble,

    ...ok, ok, the average price for the cars works out to be $40 ea.

    ...remember 50% of the people you know are below average...

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    Nice strategy buying the duplicate cars. Maybe the wife won't count them twice!


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      Geez, you've got as many cars as me already and I've been racing with Luf for almost 3 years! :eek Hope you're having as much fun as me too...


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        Iam, you make us all proud!

        Don't forget to post pictures ... :b


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          Welcome to the slippery slope. Have fun!


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            Mr Stump...are you at the Terry Fox School? If so, do you have any pictures of the track?


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              I would be the person in question...I was hoping to get the track just a litte further along before I sent a picture or two...but I'll try to get few for you shortly. Shall I post them here or send them to you guys? We are also hoping to invite you and the boys over for a grand opening - complete with refreshments once we're up and running...



              "You can only be young once. But you can always be immature". ~Dave Barry


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                Sounds good...and if you're anxious to put some laps on your cars, drop by any Monday night


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                  Hey Stumpy; Gordo Bond here. Welcome aboard! Wow I am envious that you have had an oportunity to race with Luf and the boys out in B.C.. Someday I got to get my butt out there.
                  Anyway I just wanted to say Hi and welcome you to the board. I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your post, and your writing style. In fact your first post reminded me a bit of one of my posts! :lol Anyway keep us posted on your progress deeper and deeper into the depths of this obsession, I mean Hobby.


                  Gordo Bond 007


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                    In fact your first post reminded me a bit of one of my posts!
                    Except he can spell, eh, Gordo? :b


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                      hEy WeT Goaat; Witt PoSts, like tHis, U vUnder VY U arn'T In mi tOp 4 PoStars AnnyMoar! >D


                      Gardo (When arE Ve goNna GeT SpElL Check Fixed?) Bond


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                        Well thanks for the welcome Mr. Bond...

                        FYI - I also use "THE 007" as my username :hat on other sites - yes there really are other sites:eek . I was going to use some sort of Bond reference for my username on this site but after reading some of your posts I thought perhaps that wouldn't be a good idea:rollin

                        "Shaken, not stirred..." Gordo..."Shaken, not stirred...":smokin


                        p.s. Hummmm....a tone to my postings? I know not of what you speak...:b

                        "If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name in a Swiss bank". ~ Woody Allen


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                          "A motion to adjourn is always in order." ~ Robert Heinlein


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