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NEC #7 - Let's get planning!!

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    Are we thinking of losing the Nascars?? Hope not.

    Lets just run the nascars, I never have so lets post the rules.

    I don't care, I will be there anyway.


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      When over twenty guys show up for a race, it's hard to get enough track time to get use to a track and then tune your car. We kicked around just going to the one class but with multiple races so you have time to both practice/race and work on your car.

      As long as I don't have to race next to nerfin, I'll race either way.


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        I'll try to drum up interest in this race Saturday at the next HOST event at nhdungeonracers.

        I'm thinking of also offering a class on "passing slower slotcars in corners" Saturday too... :b


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          Right now the 22nd is looking to be in the lead.

          I'll look to firm this up by the weekend.

          So with that said - how does one go about hosting a race?

          What do I need to do and have ready?



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            Hello Matt,

            Here's a little checklist to help you get ready to host the upcoming NEC race. I'm sure others will jump in with their suggestions too.

            General logistics...

            1) Firm up and publish the event date (including start time). Let participants know which class or classes we will be racing and the rules for each class (Mike/Dickie can help you here...). Also, let participants know track voltage.
            2) When announcing event, let folks know the "event fee" amount. This should cover your costs like beverages (water, soda, etc.), food and any other expenses you incur hosting the event. As the host, none of these expenses should be coming out of your pocket.
            3) Provide directions to participants (recommend doing that via email - not the online boards)

            In your basement...

            4) Tables and chairs for participants (I can bring some folding tables/chairs if you need more...)
            5) Trash can
            6) A hot glue gun (with an extra glue stick or two...)
            7) A soldering iron

            Track preparations...

            8) Check all lanes are working properly; clean racing surface morning of event before participants arrive
            9) Enter names of expected racers into your race management software
            10) Ensure track call button working properly
            11) Disconnect your house controllers and put them away for safekeeping
            12) Track powered on and ready for practice when participants arrive. Use multimeter to doublecheck power supply voltage setting
            13) Fresh "Mongo Pads" (mailing labels) for cleaning tires. If you need some, don't buy them - just let us know and we'll bring some with us.
            14) Backup power supply available (don't buy one...I can bring one along...) in the unlikely event there is a problem with yours.

            Food and Facilities...

            14) Figure out what you're going to do for food beforehand. This is your call but my recommendation is pizza or assorted coldcuts (let participants make their own sandwiches...). Avoid "taking orders" for ready-made sandwiches - it's too time consuming and the order inevitably gets screwed up anyway...
            15) As participants arrive, let them know where to find the bathroom (Note: for some reason, the HOST guys prefer an outhouse...)

            One final item - enjoy the event you are hosting! In addition to hosting the event, you are also a participant - don't forget to have fun!!!



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              Great advice Steve. I would add a list of brothels, I mean hotels in the area for anyone who wants to come up the night before, and lots of WD 40 (for the tires; get your minds out of the gutter):lol


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                Mat, Steve's list is very good but here is my two cents...Think about parking and not trapping your wife or s.o........have a track repair kit ready.....pump out septic tank........keep beverages away from for those addicted and a crying towel for Smokeio or others that feel so inclined......And when the race begins you will have a big smile on your face!


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                  All them are very well. But the only thing I need is good friends and a track. The rest is just the icing.

                  Thanks for stepping up to host this race.


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                    NEC #7 -Date is set - 10/22!!!!

                    NEC #7


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