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512 BB, Have you got your's?

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  • 512 BB, Have you got your's?

    Anybody else get one(or more) of the Carrera 512 BB
    Just ordered one today, got the yellow one "Beurlys"
    1979 LM Ferrari(very few left)
    Looks like Carrera improved the acceleration and brakes
    with this one,as well as putting in xeon lights in front and
    brake light's in back
    Suppost to be quite good on wood as well, with a little(2 1/2 grams) of lead behind the crowngear
    Can hardly wait for it to arrive

    Verne reel55

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    2 and a half ounces of lead? That would nearly double the weight of the car...

    Haven't seen one of these cars in person yet, but they look pretty cool.


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      Sorry 2.5 grams of lead

      Verne reel55


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        I am waiting for the N.A.R.T. version. It's just me I am sure but Ferraris look best in red.


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          Re: Myself

          I think you will find a number of Ferraris in yellow as well.
          I beleve it was Belgium team,please correct me if i'm wrong
          that had yellow Ferrari's

          Verne reel55


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            I am sure that you can find Ferraris in any colour (I think Mary Kay cosmetics gave away a pink one). But my personal preference is red.


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              Not All Ferraris Are Red

              Ferrari had this spectacular color display at the Detroit Auto Show this year. A friend got me into the display.



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                Got mine!

                O.k., my yellow 512 arrived today and it looks great. I have to give Carrera big props for this car. They have absolutely upped there game when it comes to modeling a slot car. It looks fast and looks right at home with my collection of Fly classics. I will be ordering at least one more of these and a Fly M-1 to race against it!

                Way to go Carrera



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                  Re: Got mine!

                  I put mine on the track yesterday (Scaley Classic) and the square molded piece that shields the crown gear touches my rails in a few places. I just sanded it flat and the car was just fine after that. The new guide system worked very well I must say and the car did have better response than most of my other Carrera cars! I'm going to remove the switch and stuff, but I'm going to keep the lights!



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                    Got It!

                    I went to get the 3M, but came away with the yellow one. Dog-gone-it! I usually just get one of a series, but I will probably end up with a couple of them.



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                      Carrera made it look good, it caught my eye one day and I bought it.

                      I'm also glad to hear they've improved the performance :hat 'cause one of my racin' buddies picked one up at the same time. We race primarily boxstock because maybe there's a few thou. difference between 'em that way, know what I mean? :smokin


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                        Re: BB

                        I just got mine in the mail 10 minutes ago. Got the green EMKA car & let me say it's 100 times better looking in person than in pictures. I can't say when I have seen better paint, it's that nice!! I can't wait to get it on the track!:hat


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                          Waiting for the NART version.

                          Is it on a different boat? Does anyone know the story?


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                            Re: Still

                            Would be very interested to know any Carrera News,

                            Nothing coming out of Carrera USA.

                            It is really sad, I thought when this distribution was set up Carrera would finally get information out to SCI and Carrera Dealers, but right now it is almost impossible to know what is arriving.

                            I seriously hope this changes soon as it is hurting Carrera Sales across America.

                            It seems right now a few Stores get information and Product, and the rest of North America is left in the dark.

                            Were Lap Counters ever release for Digital, or the Pit Lanes and IR Controllers.

                            The last new I heard from Carrera was in Germany in February.

                            Come on Carrera USA any news.


                            Alan Smith
                            SCI Owner.



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                              Re: Still


                              The pit lanes are in for the digital. I've not heard about the other two. Information is hard to come by.