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Fixable or new motor required ?

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  • Fixable or new motor required ?

    One of my Carrera cars seems to have a problem, it's as if the motor is struggling.
    Around bends it slows, normal speed on the straights, and anything less than 3/4 throttle is painstakingly juddery.
    I have WD40'd the motor through the holes and had it running for a while off track to see if it helps, and its made it better, but its still not right.
    Obviously I have checked it rides the slots without problems, and it certainly runs easier without the rear magnet in place, which is why I think the motor is not pulling right.

    Anything I can do apart from buy a new motor ?

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    Anything I can do apart from buy a new motor ?
    Yes, don't ever put WD40 in a motor again. Have you checked the braids?


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      I am taking a shot in the dark here; get some TV tuner cleaner at Radio Shack or similar electronics store.

      Hold the motor over a trash can and flood the endbell end with the spray tuner cleaner; don't be afraid to use a lot. Set the motor on a paper towel and let it dry over night.

      Next morning... LIGHTLY oil the bearings, use about 1/3 of what you think you need... just a touch.

      Then see how the motor runs.

      If it still has no torque, there may be many reasons for this but it's probable that it got overly warm at some point and the Chinese motors don't generally survive too many overheating cycles.

      At that point you could replace the motor or swap one out of another car to see if it makes a difference.

      Good luck!


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        It could be one of three things or a couple...first, just "rev" the motor and see if it sounds either on or off song, if it sounds good, then it's probably a guide seating problem...Carrera & R-M cars tend to have a lot of up & down play in the guide so you may have to shim it down somewhat.

        Now if the motor doesn't sound right, take the car apart and undo all those thingamajigs that are connected to the motor - including that reverse switch - and just solder the the guide leads to the motor. For some reason those Germans like to put all those doo-dads on their motors - Carrera & R-M - actually they're suppressors to prevent interference with TV's and such in Europe. Anywhat, I have had a number of cars act up on me like yours or just stop dead for no reason, but I soon found removing that stuff gives them instant life again.

        All that being said, if neither of the above've got that 3rd thing - a bad motor...

        Have Fun - Da Vols


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          Sounds mechanical to me . . .

          Around bends it slows, normal speed on the straights, and anything less than 3/4 throttle is painstakingly juddery.
          If I am reading that correctly, it sounds less likely that it's electrical and more likely that something mechanical is causing drag, worse on curves. A tire rubbing the body seems top possibility. I'd be looking at misplacement of axles, motor and guide. It COULD be electrical but this seems more likely to me.

          I would suggest testing with no power on and gently pushing the car along the track by hand, being sensitive to strange noises and extra drag on curves. Certainly worth trying.


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            Interesting, I had a similar thought but different - an internal break in one of the lead wires.


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              motor problems

              If you are a rug racer, pop the rear axle out of the car and clean all the fibres and stuff out of the axle and bushings. This is enough to bind the drivetrain, especially if you have pets. Clean, lubricate, and reassemble.


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                WD40 never again

                I WD40'd 4 motors and after a while the WD got all through the motors. Eventually the motors began to struggle then reached a point were they just sat there and smoked.

                I thought I had pooched all the motors.

                However, With nothing to loose I took one apart and put all the parts in an Ultrasonic cleaner (just like jewlers use to clean jewelry). I reassembled it and it ran like new.

                I did the rest the same way and they are still racing today. They can be saved.

                Hope this helps!!


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                  And toss out that can of WD40 -- it's corrosive...



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                    Thanks guys for the replies

                    Right .. well I was a bit unsure of the WD40, but as it was so running so bad I didn't have a lot to lose !
                    I have tried pushing it around the track and its smooth and free, there is nothing gunging up the drivetrain, and the braids are fine.
                    I ran the chassis round the track on its own and it still does it, its not as bad with the rear magnet removed, though still evident.
                    I might well try what Da Vols suggested, and solder the guide leads direct to the motor.
                    Next time the set is out I will give it a go.



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                      Oh dear !
                      whilst I had the car apart and was in the kitchen soldering the pick-up leads direct to the motor, my 2 & 1/2 year old son trod on the shell

                      So some rough repairs will enable it to resemble a car vaguely, so it will become my sons "training" vehicle, as it was the car the missus had decided was hers, I had to buy her a replacement (que good oppurtunity to indulge myself a bit too)... so I got her the Scaley Corvette L88 like my white one, but hers is the red one with the confederate flag and is also the limited edition sport model.
                      If its like mine it will be the equal quickest thing on the track by far !
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