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Thanks Beejay7 :)

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  • Thanks Beejay7 :)

    Not wanting to send Stingray's thread off topic, just though I would say thanks for the suggestion to improve the Carrera Camaro.
    I had a play with what you suggested and lowered the Camaro.
    I don't know if it has improved any (won't get a chance to try it for a few days), but I think it sits a lot nicer asthetically anyway
    There was a spacer on the rear posts which I removed, and shaved a little off the front posts, I had to file away some of the interior to clear the switch and wiring as you suggested, then finally I remounted the sidepipes.


    And after:

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    Looks way better like that. They seem to come setup for drag racing, not road racing...


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      Carrera Camaro

      You're welcome.

      I have that same car, although I have removed the sidepipes and changed the wheels to GOM Minilites, painted black.
      It is then a pretty good replica for the car currently being run in Historic Trans Am and driven by Chad Raynal.

      Take a look at :-




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        Seeing the pics of the real thing, Carrera didn't get it too accurate did they

        I will try this Camaro and see if it has improved next time I have the set out, it ran 8 secs around the last setup I had , all my other cars were 7 secs within a couple of tenths either way, the exception being the Scaley Corvette L88 which hammered round in 5.5

        Hopefully I can get some solder before then and set too at soldering the pick-up wires from my Carrera (64 ??) Stingray straight too the motor to see if that helps its problems.

        Out of the two, I think Scaley deffo make the better cars, how do Ninco, Auto-Art and Revell/Monogram compare to Scaley in detail and build quality ?
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