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Scaley Classic F1s

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  • Scaley Classic F1s

    Having just spent the first hour with my 2 new Classic F1s, Cooper & Ferrari I have listed my first impressions.
    Both great looking cars and I can remember as a teenager watching these cars race. Its great to now have them in slot cars and also another 2 to fit with the maser and vanwall.
    The detail is great and they look good to scale although that is not a major for me. (Just looking good is enough)
    Rear tires needed a good sanding on both cars as they were not very round.
    That competed I started with the Cooper on the track. It was fast in a straight line and good on the corners provided you were gentle on the power. Once into a rythm lap times were in the mid 5 sec range. This on 75ft scaley sports track with PM controller. Trans Ams doing 4.9 to 5.1, MG Lola 5.1, Aussie V8 5.8, other classic F1s mid 5's, the new modern F1's 4.6 -4.9. So I was pretty pleased with the performance although it did crash alot if you tried to push it through the corners.
    Now the Ferrari - what a dissappointment, it was hard to get a lap time as it was just crashing all the time. The best I could do was 6.3sec.

    NOW before you all start I will admitt to being a magnet man and we tune ours cars with magnet strength and postion, no weigths and no non mag cars

    I pulled both these new classic F1's apart and removed the 2mm thick magnet and replaced it with a scaley 3mm button magnet. WOW what a difference. The Ferrari is now the quickest and will run lap after lap at 5.1 to 5.2, Still need to be gentle on the power comming out of the corners but once into a rythm no crashes at all. The Cooper did not improve as much but would run 5.2 to 5.3 all day. It just didn't have the edge that the Ferrari has.

    An interesting point was that both cars had a plastic or nylon washer sitting between magnent and the motor. This is 0.25mm thick. With the thicker magnet I had to take this out to allow motor to sit in place.
    Does any body know why this washer/spacer was there.

    The alternative to a thicker magnet would be to drop the exsisting magnet height by grinding the recess out. The Da T man Bruce did this on the early classic F1's and acheived the same result as increasing the magnet strength.

    Yes, I am now very happy with my 2 new cars and will have a lot of fun with them, but no serious racing as I break all the cars that I race hard with.


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    Peter - I don't have these cars, but hazarding a guess on that plastic spacer is to reduce the "attraction" between the motor & the magnet???

    Couldn't find any pictures of where the magnet is located on these new cars, but again guessing from your description it seems to be in the same location as the previous pair. If so, then I'd still go with trimming the retaining lip off and pushing the stock magnet down some till it gives you the right feel you're after. One thing I failed to mention when I had the Vanwall/Maserati was that I set the Vanwall's magnet just a little deeper than the Maserati's to get them equal...could've been a difference in ride height or magnet strength or chassis dynamics or whatever.

    From my own point of view, I thought the previous pair had way too much motor for the type cars they were...this upgraded (read: even faster) motor for this new pair makes even less sense...unless one can turn down the volts to a reasonable level to get the speed to match the handling.

    Have Fun - Da O'Vols


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      I pulled the magnets right out and put in low RPM motors. Now they drive more like real cars. Fast down the straights and slow right down for the turns. I never saw a F1 car take a turn at 200 MPH, not even in todays world. There are turns on some of there tracks where they almost stop to make the turn.

      But fast is fun and racing is racing.


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        I just bought the Sharknose today, and I gotta say Scalextric did a nice job with this one. It really looks nice.
        But what's the deal with this high strung motor???? Gee whiz, the stupid thing is faster than my 2002 and up F1's. Certainly no scale realism here. that's for sure

        Anyway, what I did was turn the voltage down from 10 volts to 7, and then I even unhooked the brakes. Now it's a pretty good runner, and challenge to drive. Can make laps in the 8.2 second range. The 2002 and up with the standard style motors are getting 6.4 second laps at 10 volts, so I think it's pretty close as far as scale realism goes.

        And yeah, unhooking the brakes makes for a big adjustment in one's driving style. And it should. no way the vintage F1's had the braking power of the current F1's......


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          What motors fit in Ferrari & Cooper?


          What low rpms motors fit in the new Ferrari and Cooper? I've held off getting these because I've heard they're just too fast and I did not think there was a low power motor available for a swap.

          I have the old "coches miticos" versions of these cars which do not have magnets or powerful motors and I really enjoy their performance.

          Circuit TrustChrist


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            Paul, I believe Austin put a NC1 motor in the 1st Ferrari classic F1 Scalextric produced, the one that has a standard size motor. Even then, because Scalextric's standard motor is an endbell drive, and the NC1 in a can drive, he had to do a little work.


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              Dungeon, do you mean the Maserati? Paul, I have those Miticos cars also and they are great, if a bit wide for sliding side by side. I think the best solution for these new cars with the MotoGP motors is to add some diodes to the leads. This has been discussed elsewhere and can be done inside the controller or the car. They are fairly cheap at radioshack and cut about 1 volt per? I bought a few, but have never tried them. I'll try and post the part number, if I can find them again.


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                Dungeon, do you mean the Maserati?
                Ummm yeah, I guess I do.....
                Shows how much I know about the vintage F1's, huh?


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                  Just got my Sharknose and Cooper over the weekend and on my track with magnets they fly. The Cooper is quite a bit quicker but is inclined to get airbourne, at 48 and 50 grams a piece to be expected I guess. I hope Scaley
                  will do a Lotus and BRM.


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                    I just picked mine up today - the Goodwood cars..

                    ..I haven't had a chance to run them and I'm not certain if I want to yet - I think I want to look at them some more first!!

                    This dog's in lust!


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                      Got mine this weekend too!


                      I've been running both of these cars box stock on my routed wooden track. I love 'em. Much nicer than the Maserati and the Vanwall in my opinion. The cars were handful at first with this much power and no magnetic downforce, but with a little practice they are a blast to drive.