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    Imagine if you will.....

    A company now producing 1/32 RTR and Kit slot cars is interested in offering 4 RTR 1/32 Slot cars representing iconic NASCAR race cars from the so called "Darkside" era... (mid 1960's to early 1980's).

    They will be high detail with attention paid to the correct racing modifications (not street cars with a NASCAR livery).

    Initially each car will be available in one decoration but if they are successful there will be more liveries of these cars (if possible) and undecorated kits.

    World wide appeal is not a factor- nor is "adult" sponsor licensing. This release is intended to be sharply targeted to the North American NASCAR fans.

    They must not have been released by another company (IE: Carrera's Superbird and Daytona).

    So what are your four picks for the initial release?

    Think for a bit and then make your nominations. If you can add a photo of your choices it would help.

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    1. Smokey Yunick Chevelle.
    2. Richard Petty 1964 Plymouth.
    3. Bobby Allison "Coke" Chevy.
    4. David Pearson Wood Bros. Ford.
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      I would like to see a lineup of NASCAR cars from the "downsized era" of the early 1980s.

      Cars coming to mind:

      Cale Yarborough's Hardees Buick
      Neil Bonnet's Budweiser Chevy
      Darrell Waltrip's Budweiser Chevy
      Harry Gant's Skoal Bandit Pontiac

      Just to name a few...There wer many!

      Jim Norton
      Huntsville, AL


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        Let's see,

        How about a

        1960-61-62 & 64 Ford Galaxie 500

        1960-61-62-63-64 & 65 Chevy Impala

        1971/72 Ford Torino/Mercury Cyclone

        1970 Chevy Monte-Carlo/Pontiac Gran-Prix

        1971 AMC Matador

        1975 Chevy Monte-Carlo

        1975 Plymouth Volare/Roadrunner

        1980 Ford Thunderbird

        1980 Chevy Monte-Carlo/Pontiac Gran-Prix.

        Lots of liveries in the cars I mentioned.

        Live Long & Prosper,



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          David Pearsons Woods Brothers Purolator Mercury 70/71

          Coo Coo Marlins(or Bobby Allisons) 70 Monte Carlo

          Cale Yarborough/Jr Johnson Olds Holly Farms


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            Originally posted by Jim Norton View Post
            I would like to see a lineup of NASCAR cars from the "downsized era" of the early 1980s.

            Cars coming to mind:

            Cale Yarborough's Hardees Buick
            Neil Bonnet's Budweiser Chevy
            Darrell Waltrip's Budweiser Chevy
            Harry Gant's Skoal Bandit Pontiac

            Just to name a few...There wer many!

            Jim Norton
            Huntsville, AL
            Harry's car was a Buick, but I agree. Cars from the mid-late 1980s would be great to have and there are TONS of reference photos. However, you did request things no older than early 1980s before the 'small' car came into effect. I'm sure that whatever is chosen will be well recieved. I'd also like to see a 66 Chevelle, a 64 Plymouth, 1980 Monte Carlo and 1967 Charger.




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              Bill Elliott #9 Melling Ford 1988
              Rusty Wallace #27 (I think) white Pontiac 1989

              May be too late in the 80's for you but two of my favorites.


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                1. Yunick Chevelle comes immediately to mind.
                2. Anything Ford
                3. Anything Ford
                4. Anything Ford


                I know these don't qualify, but I love those Hornets!
                Especially the #6, Marshall Teague at the helm, and Smokey's notoriety was just developing. It already looks like a slot car. That green color on the 92 is lovely, though. Very somber, isn't it?
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                  Sorry Ms Pinto Girl
                  They only do fast cars----------LOL

                  Sorry I couldn't resist!!!


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                    The darkside era covers 1948-72, so that is quite a few years. If they were to release more than 1 model please release cars from roughly the same period or even year. My preferred years would be from mid 60's to 72'. If I had to pick a few cars -

                    71-72 dodge charger
                    71-72 Plymouth
                    64 Belvidere Plymouth

                    All 3 above Richard petty drove


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                      My first choices for the four would be:

                      1971 Purolator Mercury Cylcone (Pearson)
                      1972 Coke Monte Carlo (Allison)
                      1971 Plymouth Road Runner (Petty)
                      1973 Dodge Charger (Baker - #11 w/black hood)

                      - Four car makes represented - all "iconic", unique designs
                      - Four drivers popular, did battle for years, classic and memorable paint schemes
                      - multiple liveries possible later (even USAC versions!)
                      - nobody has done early 70s yet; if their performance is different than other brands, they could be justified to run alone (I would prefer to supplement the NASCAR series already being made personally, but I think this would be in the mfgr.'s interests)

                      - 1972 Ford Torino (#90 Truxmore/Brooks preferred (beautiful) - but if too close to Scalextric, then #15 Bud Moore, Waltrip/Sta Power) - another iconic model

                      Alternative series of cars that raced about same time:
                      1959 Impala (Jim Reed)
                      1963 Chevy (Johnson - Mystery Motor)
                      1962 Pontiac (Black/Gold Smokey Yunick)
                      1963 Mercury Marauder (Red/Blue Tim Flock)

                      Other variations (in descending order of perceived economic viability):
                      1966 Dodge Charger
                      1965 Plymouth Fury
                      1965 Impala (Turner or Yunick)
                      1975 Matador
                      1967 Plymouth (Petty, of course)
                      1966 Chevelle (Allison)
                      1969 Chevelle (Hurtibise)


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                        Pinto Girl - I'm with you - a Fabulous Hudson Hornet and a whatever from the same time period...I miss mine from when I was able to run 1/25th scale.

                        Da Vol - Bruce


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                          As a Mopar fan, I may be biased. But it seems to me that the all time leader in wins is Richard Petty, and his most famous car(s) are probably the Roadrunners and Chargers he drove between 1971 and 1977. He won several Championships and Daytona 500s in these cars, in an era where NASCAR racing began the transition from hick sport in the south to national interest/coverage. That encompases three different bodies as the side windows in the 1971-1972 Chargers are different than the one in the 1973-74 Chargers he drove through 1977. Petty drove several different paint scemes in the Roadrunners, and at least three paint schemes in the Chargers come to mind. There were many other Roadrunners and Chargers during this timeframe, so additional liveries should not be a problem.

                          I vote:

                          1) Petty 1973-74 Charger (raced through 1977)
                          2) Petty 1971-72 Roadrunner
                          3) Petty 1973-74 Charger

                          I also vote for a set where you can recreate the 1976 Daytona 500 finish between Petty and Pearson.


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                            I would be interested in the early 80s cars like the Gatorade #88, Hardees #28, Old Milwaukee #27, Mountain Dew #11


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