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  • help with lap timer systems

    So I think I remember reading a thread about lap counters/systems. What I am hoping to do, or more less ask, is, I need something to compile and save lap times and show fastest lap. I have kids and a business and my hobby time is extremely limited. My point? I just don't have the time to build a "trick system." It's not laziness. I am hoping there is some opinions or info regarding SCX,Carrera,Scalex,ninco, etc that is a inexpensive tool to do this task(muliple laps times, fastest lap) It only needs to work for one lane.

    In retrospec this might sound like a ignorant question to most of you, my apologies. I feel very American in that I want to no effort, inexpensive, quick fix, to my problem and I want it without having to look to hard. I know, I am aware. I may as well be texting, speeding, and driver under the influence.

    any help is much appreciated.


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    Mellow Cat - Heaps of help will be found right here at Slot Car Illustrated forumss - just go down to the technical section of the main forum menu and there you will find the Ultimate Racer 3.0 forum - a great lap counting system and it's free!


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      hey MC

      there are a number of easy solutions, depnding on your track system, timing/scoring needs and budget

      lets assume that you have Scalex Sport, Classic or SCX analog - using adaptor tracks, all of these systems can possibly connect to :

      1. Scalex Sport Lap Counter .. pretty cheap and nasty .. works most of the time, but sometimes misses laps .. runs on batteries .. if you want one, pay the postage and i'll send one your way .. free .. thats how bad they actually are

      2. SCX Timing System .. electronic pieces tie into track pieces (1/2 straights) to trigger .. need seperate power from a wallwart .. set includes starting lights,c lap counter, timer, and speedometer .. the whole setup retailed for more than $200, but can often be seen used for much cheaper .. i'll sell you the whole setup cheap! this system also has a 'Trainer' box, allowing a car to be programmed to solo-race against

      3. Carrera and NINCO 'Above the Track' Bridges .. these are essentially the same - expanding bridges that span the track .. they work fine, and offer a reasonably inexpensive alternative .. they are also ultimately portable .. cost is about $50-75, deepending which you buy ..

      4. a better featured, more expensive route would be tje DS200/300 .. this is a full-featured system, utilizing its own light bridge and a control box .. very accurate, bullet proof, easy to set up and use, easy to read (at a glance) - this is a great setup .. costs about $200 to get what you nee, more for more accessories

      5. buy an old PC, figure out a 'trigger' (look up 'Sensor Traks' at Brent Carlson's subforum), get one of the freeware or shareware timing programs and have at it .. cost id $100 plus the old computer, but the features are unparalleled .. worth a look if you want to spend a bit of time and effort (tho not too much)

      hope this helped ..



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        You can also look at the PC Lap Counter Systems offered by both us (Main Line Hobbies) and Professor Motor. Both of our systems are plug and play, no duct tape of rigging needed!
        -Main Line Hobbies
        Plymouth Meeting Mall, PA


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