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Why are FLY & Racer Riley Bodys are different

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  • Why are FLY & Racer Riley Bodys are different

    Hi, i see that the Fly Riley body has a different back end (SPOILER area) than the Racer version. Is this beause of a different race year model change or did Fly just omit it. There is more detail to the Racer version ( two additional side wings mounted at the end of the body. Any Ideas Anybody know what happened here. Robert

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    DP's run in a variety of aero packages depending on the track. Of course, the body changes a little from year to year as well.


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      Originally posted by martini917k View Post
      DP's run in a variety of aero packages depending on the track. Of course, the body changes a little from year to year as well.

      Hi thanks for your reply, i was comparing the difference of the rear deck spoiler of the Gainsco Fly version and the Racer Gainsco and there is a different aero package on the Racer,just thought it would be a little odd,when they appear to be the same car.If I was buying ,me thinks i would buy the Racer because of the extra detailsRobert


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        They are modelled on different cars. the fly car is an earlier model.


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          And there are two different "aero" packages on some of the Racers. Check out the blue and orange MSR cars.



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            Officially, there are in fact two DIFFERENT Riley chassis that compete in the Grand Am Rolex series, the MkXI (which the Flyslot car represents) and the MkXX (as represented by the Racer Sideways line car).

            In 2003, when the Daytona Prototypes were introduced, GARRA assured competitors that their cars would be legal to compete for ten years without question, and that there would be a 5 year freeze on chassis and aerodynamic development amongst the contracted constructors (who, at that time, were Multimatic, Doran, Fabcar, Chase, Picchio, Riley, and Crawford). In 2008, the freeze was lifted and the various chassis constructors either merged, introduced new models, or sold their licenses to other companies. In 2008, Riley introduced their MkXX model, Doran sold their license to Dallara, Multimatic sold their license to Lola, Crawford introduced their 2nd Generation chassis, Picchio and Fabcar merged to form Coyote, Chase continued on with their abortive DP, and a constructor license was granted to Sabre Technologies who has yet to construct a single car.

            Interestingly enough, Flyslot is continuing to focus on the 1st generation Daytona Prototypes by producing the Doran JE4, whereas Racer is producing the 2nd generation Dallara chassis which replaced the Doran.


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              Originally posted by Manimmal View Post
              They are modelled on different cars. the fly car is an earlier model.
              That's it. The Fly car is the original body style. In 2007 the builders were able to change some things by Grand Am.
              The Riley MK 11 has a tear drop shaped "Greenhouse" and the MK 20 has a pinched in shape to the rear of the greenhouse over the engine. The 20's windshield is rounded while the 11's is somewhat pointed. The 20's roof line from the door area back over the engine drops at a faster rate than the 11. The front and rear fenders on the 20 are shaped differently and are more narrow than the 11. And lastly the angle of the front ends are different. The 11's nose rises smoothly up to the base of the windscreen and the 20's has a more abrupt climb and flattens out before reaching the windscreen. The tail feathers were added as a safety fix. It was found that on the high speed tracks, the rear ends started to move around when the cars were racing in traffic.


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                Reading this thread just made me realize why I'm so hooked on this visiting this forum everyday!
                The answers given to this question asked is just top notch. A person like me just don’t learn about slot cars, but learn about road/racing cars in general.
                Thanks guys for the great explanations on the differences between the two models.
                I collect both the makes and NEVER even looked to see if there is a difference..... Very stupid of me


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                  The Sideways car runs better out of the box (non-mag) than the Flyslot owing to its drivetrain.


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