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April 11th West Seattle Speedway & Hobby Celebration @ Red Devil Raceway

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  • April 11th West Seattle Speedway & Hobby Celebration @ Red Devil Raceway

    Red Devil Raceway Invites You to the
    West Seattle Speedway & Hobby
    Celebration Races on April 11th

    The last owner of West Seattle Speedway and his counter man will attend along with the current owner of the track located in Gig Harbor will attend. We are working on getting the original owner there too. We are trying to bring together as many of the old West Seattle Speedway crowd as we can to Celebrate the History of Puget Sound Slot Car Racing.

    You are all invited to come Celebrate the West Seattle Speedway & Hobby
    We will be holding 1/32nd Scale Races on our 110-foot, 4-lane Scalextric ‘Sport’ Road Course

    We will also be hold IROC (Int’l Race of Customers) Races on an alternate Track in our Pit Room for everyone to enjoy. Just pay your entry fee of $5.00 and Enjoy Racing all Day.

    Rules for the Big Track:

    Scalextric NASCAR Class Rules

    · Stock Scalextric NASCAR.
    · Rear Tire replacement allowed.
    · Changing Guides & Lead Wire allowed.
    · Stock Gears Required
    · One Stock Bar Magnet in any of the Position Provided by
    the Mfg.
    · Full Stock Interior required.
    · Full Stock Car markings & numbers.
    · Stock 18,000 Scalextric motor required.
    (no other).
    · No wheel or axle upgrades allowed.
    · Axle Spacers Allowed
    · You can glue and true all tires and wheels
    · All 4 tires much touch and roll on the track
    · Tires must be inside the body when viewed from the top
    · No altering axle height.
    · 1/32 inch track clearance on gear or chassis

    Scalextric Ford GT40-Ferrari 330P/412P

    · Stock Scalextric Ford GT40 & Ferrari 330P/412P.
    · 'Sport' button magnet allowed up front in pocket
    provided by the Mfg.
    · Stock Scalextric Bar magnet allowed in any of the
    positions provided by the mfg.
    Only these two Magnets Allowed.
    · Rear Tire replacement allowed.
    · Axle spacers allowed.
    · Changing Guides and Lead Wires Allowed.
    · Stock Gears required.
    · Full Stock Scalextric Interior required.
    · Stock 18,000 Scalextric motor required.
    (no upgrades).
    · No wheel upgrades allowed.
    · You can glue and true all tires and wheels
    · All 4 tires much touch and roll on the track
    · Tires must be inside the body when viewed from the top
    · Altering axle height is Not Allowed
    · 1/32 inch track clearance on gear or chassis

    Sideway Rolex 24 Grand-Am Class

    · All Sideways Rolex 24 Grand-Am cars eligible
    · All Slot-It Pods allowed (inline, anglewinder, sidewinder)
    · Use any magnets as long as you don’t exceed 450 grams of Downforce total.
    (measured on our Downforce Scale by the Race Director)
    · Magnets must be inside the chassis or at least flush with the
    bottom of the chassis
    · Tire replacement allowed.
    · All wheels allowed
    · Changing Guides & Lead Wire Allowed
    · All gears allowed
    · Full Stock Sideways Interior required
    · Full Race Livery markings required
    · Slot-It 21,500 (inline or sidewinder), Slot-It Boxer or Flat 6
    motors 22,000 rpm or less for anglewinders allowed
    · Axles spacers allowed
    · You can glue and true all tires and wheels
    · All 4 tires much touch and roll on the track
    · Tires must be inside the body when viewed from the top
    · 1/32 inch track clearance on gear or chassis.

    Anything not mentioned Above is NOT Allowed

    Gerry Brott
    Red Devil Raceway Club
    & Slotcar Parlor
    1/32nd Slotcar Central
    10,000 Lake City Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98125
    425 246-2525 (cell phone)
    206 72902235 (shop phone)
    Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday
    3:30 – 7:00 pm
    Fri, Sat, Sun
    Noon – 7:00 pm (shop email) (home email)
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    re: WSS&H Race

    Hey Gerry,

    Is old Fred gonna show up???

    BTW, has your machinist friend inquired about the Tire Machine job I have??? I'm still interested in doing it.

    If you can, send me a PM (private message).




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      WSS Where the addiction started!

      This is cool! West seattle speedway is where my 1/32 slot car addiction started and the birthplace of the PSSRA! A lot of fond memories.
      Now whats this about a tri-oval in the other room?? 1:32 or HO? do tell!


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        Sport Tri-oval with two turns banked 10 degrees down to 2 degrees and back up to 10 on the back straight. R3 and R4 for the flat turn.
        3" borders
        DS 300 timing
        RMX lane rotation and scoring, live start with 5 second power off penalty for jumping the start.
        Pyramid power
        Screw post and XLR hook ups

        We will run SCX NASCAR IROC using the PSSRA specs. 100 gram downforce and Yellow Dogs.
        IRL IROC matched downforce and Yellow Dogs.

        We will also be using our PSSRA spec Scalextric sidewinder NASCAR with Yellow Dogs on the rear instead of Sport Plus. I am trying to avoid Silicones on this track.

        The track will be powered up this weekend and will stay up as long as we have the space to use.

        The next configuration will be a Daytona road course using the banking that is already in place.

        After that maybe Laguna Seca with cork screw and then Catalunya and then........

        The more racers we have using it the longer we can hang on to the space. Come on out and have fun.

        I need to thank Gerry and Dallas of Red Devil raceway.

        Dave and Tony from Fantasy World.

        Rob Sinclair (late breaker)

        Dale Thomas of and the fantastic race control RMX.

        Dave Fellows (big cheater)

        Mike Krich The Magic Man now you see him now you don't!!!
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