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Another Scalextric Start Car question

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  • Another Scalextric Start Car question

    Does anyone know if the new Start cars will run on the current Scalextric analog track?

    The Start track looks different than the current track (wider slot?)

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    From what I understand the Start track is just a cheaper, hard plastic version of the Sport track. It requires adaptors, but it should run the same. The only other difference that I have heard is that the rails are more raised and separated from the groove, more like Carerra track. But , I have not seen the new track...


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      I'm not sure how Carrera track looks, but the Start track is akin to Ninco in that there is plastic in the slot itself so that the braid will only make contact on the top of the rails. As you know, on standard Scalextric track the contact strip curves over into the sides of the slot itself.



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        From the pictures I've seen, it looks like there's a plastic slot liner, so the rails are spaced a bit further apart than Sport track, but similar to Ninco, Carrera and Artin track. All it takes is fanning the braids a touch wider, and you'll be fine. I see no reason why Start cars won't work on every other system. To run the Start cars on Sport track, just pinch the braids a little toward the guide flag.