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Compatiblity with Carrera Digital 132

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  • Compatiblity with Carrera Digital 132

    wqhich other brands of cars, ( ninco, scalextric etc..) are compatible with carrera digital 132 system.

    Im interested in purchasing a car that i hd been looking for a long time and its a Ninco, but the guy who is selling it says its compatible with Carrera. But which Carrera i dont know...

    thanks in advance

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    all are pretty much compat but you have to chip them to run digi 1/32 I have chipped pretty much all the major brands and all run well on my track you will have to mod the chassis and pos the body to make room for the chip there is a thread on sci that discusses this


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      Bringing back an old thread.

      Well now. It is 2017. Does any manufacture offer Carrera digital compatible slotcars? Just wondering...


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        No ALL of the companies make their own systems which are incompatible with each other.
        Slot It are making a very cool chip that works between brands but i don't think it's out yet.


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          Slot It makes some cars that are out of the box compatible with Carrera chips, but you still have to chip them yourself.


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            Originally posted by noddaz View Post
            Well now. It is 2017. Does any manufacture offer Carrera digital compatible slotcars? Just wondering...
            The overall situation is getting better - partly from manufacturers and partly from the aftermarket

            As posted above, Slot-it has a number of cars that will accept a Carrera 26732 chip - I have personally chipped Toyota and Nissan GTP's, Porsche 962 & Audi R18 versions

            BRM has designed in mounting for a Carrera 26732 chip in to the 1/24 Ferrari 512M

            On the Scaley front, an aftermarket German company called Carson has introduced a D132 compatible chip that is plug and play on any DPR ready Scaley car (exc F-1's). This open up the much of the Scaley line to EZ conversion, including their Trans Am's, BTCC, V8 Supercars, NASCAR, etc. Here is a thread on the Carson Carrera chip.

            Although these other products don't profit Carrera directly, they certainly help promote the Carrera Digital system.


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