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A recent upgrade fly porche 911 rally/race

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  • A recent upgrade fly porche 911 rally/race

    I have always liked this car and have only recently acquired one.
    I bought it locally for $35NZD in an online auction.
    The seller said the hubs were split.The fronts were but the rear was solid.
    I tried various tires as the originals were no good on my surface.
    I also added some interior detail.

    Meantime I bought a set of SLOTINGplus hubs because I like them.
    I often buy parts because I like them and have no specific use for them.

    A specific use soon emerged.

    It likes the brakes well back.

    The car has two new slotit axles running in Slick7 bushes and slotit 24 tooth crown.
    I have superglued the body post holes and stirred it inside with a toothpick.
    When the glue sets the bodyscrew grabs quickly and allows all that float with the screws tight and sitting in a lower postion as well.
    I was surprised how heavy the car was at over 80 grams.
    The rear tires are a special mix "SRS Grips" and do grip well,they are just settling in nicely now.
    The car has done a 4.353 sec lap on my track which compares well the top half of the NZ proxy canam cars.

    The car is smooth, quick(could be quicker) and quiet.....just how I like them.


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    Fly Racing

    These are some of my favorites. A little heavy but they are one of the most forgiving cars to drive. You can get seriously out of shape in a corner and they come back better than any other car I run. Not sure but I think the motors for the rally cars came in a number of different rpms. Do you have any plans for the body? I have the white one waiting on some Brumos decals.


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      I have to admit that decals and liveries are not my strong point but I would be up for some suggestions.