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SLOTER, What are they like?

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  • SLOTER, What are they like?

    Hi all, so, the question is in the Title
    SLOTER, What are they like?

    out of 10 ?

    Are they OK for racing?

    Theres a T290 on the MCCS, and was thing of buying, but, but, but. Not sure if it's worth it.

    So, over to may many friend on SF.
    Thanks guys.

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    Not sure what an MCCS is. The Lola T280/290 is a decent little car. Sidewinder drivetrain, good stock tires, and apropos motor.


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      Originally posted by dr vanski View Post
      Not sure what an MCCS is. The Lola T280/290 is a decent little car. Sidewinder drivetrain, good stock tires, and apropos motor.
      Cheers, some good info there. so worth buying for £23 or $36.50

      Multi Coloured Cost Shop, or EBAY to every one else

      Pendles have it as a LtdEd of 1000 units, 9525 LOLA RACING KIT

      apropos motor. ??? Who make s it??


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        Sloters are wonderful little cars very compareable with the Slot'it 312 kit & Alfa's, they are a steal as well, I would snap them up if I were you! Look good & run good!


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          I got a Sloter Ferrari 312PB on sale. It was very light and the stock tires have decent grip. The car is closer to scale than the version, which looks too long. For some reason the car sits high and when you get good grip it likes to flip in the turns, so I put a slab of lead on the bottom of the car.


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            OK, thanks guys. I'll go buy her.


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              set-up tips for Sloters

              soften the braid, stock is too stiff,
              lead on the bottom of chassis
              glue/true rear tires

              good to go.



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                Sloter 312

                I bought one off the marketplace here for about 1/2 price. My initial reaction was that the front wheels were very wonky. I considered changing all the wheels, but I like the gold hubs. It seems the axle hole is crooked in the wheel. I solved the problem by truing the ridge on the wheel and then the tire. Now the hub is still crooked, but the tire runs true. I put a big piece of lead on the bottom, as I run non-mag on wood. It was more than I needed and I cut half of it away. I also put Luf's urethane tires on the rear. Now it runs great. It is too slow for our Open class, but perfect for Targa, that is fairly stock.

                The Ferrari 312 came in different lengths. Sloter made short ones first, but later ones are long tail. There could be differences in the look if a company took the dimensions from a different 1:1 car.


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                  Note that it is 'slow' in part because it has the standard 18k Mabuchi black stripe motor, just like most stock Fly and Scalextric cars.


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                    Hi Guys, well I was so impressed with all you had to say. I went and bought two

                    SLOTER 1:32 SCALE 9525 LOLA RACING KIT SLOT CAR *NEW* (150781585513)

                    SLOTER / SCX 1:32 SCALE 9523 ZYTEK DEN BLA AVIS #26 SLOT CAR *NEW* (190652256669)

                    Less than £20 each

                    Thanks. Now I'm stint.


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                      I have found that the rear bearings are often rather loose in their mounts. You may find that gluing them in place will improve performance.

                      I buy these to repaint and frequently I will replace the wheels and axles, which makes them perform even better. As mentioned, the fronts can be rather wonky.



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                        Nice looking repaints and the wheels look very good too. Number 67 looks like a gem.


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                          I think what Scott is showing above is the MB /Sloter Lola white kits painted. These are great cars. They have 22,000 RPM MB motors, light weight vac formed plastic interiors and aluminum wheels. The tires are not great on plastic but with sillys or urethanes they are great cars and I suspect quite hotter than the RTR Sloter Lolas and P312B. Grab one while you can as I think they are out of production.


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                            Great looking paint work above, Hope I can do justic to the one I have bought.
                            BTW, did any of you buy from the links above? They are all sold now.



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                              Sloter cars vary widely in their performance & quality. The Lola & Ferrari are quite decent once you overcome QC issues. The Zytek is a pretty good LMP, but it has been surpassed. The Opel Manta is atrocious & should be avoided @ all costs. I got another Opel (hot hatch) & it is a huge improvement across the board, but I think it is their last car. The Lola T70 is nice, but unable to be reasonably made competitive in its class.


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