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How to tune slot it Classic Sidewinder car?

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  • How to tune slot it Classic Sidewinder car?

    Hello . Please advice me. Sorry poor English. I am Japanese .

    I will try club race in September. Classic Car race. We can use this motor only.

    But Otherwise have discretion is given.

    I have these cars.All Slot it cars.

    1 Chaparral No.66
    2 Chaparral No.65
    3 McLaren M8D
    4 Alfa Romeo tipo 33 Sebring No.34

    And I have slot it 13t pinion and 31t sidewinder gear.

    I can make Chaparral No.66 very good. It is very smooth and silent.
    But High Wing seems to become air resistance.Not fast.
    Our club Circuit top time this rule, about 7.5Sec. My Chaparral about 7.8--8.2Sec.

    I try to tune McLaren. I Changed Motor and gear (13T&31T). And use this Motor mount.

    But this tune was BUT. McLaren Shake Tale side to side.
    We usually use Japanese High Spec good Silicon tire.Me too.But it Interference McLaren's body (It can use Chaparral).
    I run McLaren original tire. Phahaps it was but chois.But I do not know Other Supplier or Maker tire.

    I am at a loss.

    I have not yet run to tune Alfa and Chaparral No.65.
    Still to me there is a time.

    EVERYONE ! Should to do I?
    It can be trivial. Please HELP ME !

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    Hi, I suspect the tire is the key item to address, here.

    For the last few years, the 'stock' tire on cars has been the C1, and it's not a silicone compound so at a disadvantage on a track that's accustomed and maintained for silicones. make S2 silicone tires, possibly if you check around (and maybe swap the rims on the McLaren for others of lesser diameter?) the Japanese High Spec silicones would work on it?

    Adjusting pod screw tightness as well as body screws carefully is also essential, to allow just a modicum of flex between each, ensuring that no tire can contact the body when running.


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      Use a 0.5mm spacer between the rear body post and the chassis. This will lift the body so you can use larger rear tires. We normally use 0.5 offset pods, the 0.75 will raise the rear axle a bit more so tires will get closer to body.
      Other than that, you need a straight chassis and motor pod (use the hot water method if needed), motor pod screws with the large head and spring suspension in the rear of the motor pod. With the Slot it 21.5K motor we gear at 12/33.
      The Mclaren is the fastest but needs very precise driving, the Chapparal is more forgiving, but slower. If you go with the Chapparal try the lightweight wing, it's the one that is hollow from beneath.

      Check here
      Chapparal Tuning
      And here
      GT40 Tuning
      also here
      Chassis straightening
      and possibly here, it's in Greek but pictures can help and you can always ask
      Mclaren M8D setup
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        There isn't one correct answer that applies to every car on every track. Each car is different as well as each track is different. Also what works for one driver will not apply to all drivers. Ask the guys that run on the tracks that you drive on and use that as a starting point. Then try one slight change at a time and evaluate it. If lap times shorten, you are going in the right direction, if they increase then go back to what you had before.


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          Sorry too late
          I am very grateful. Sorry again sorry.

          Wet coast racer your advice is very practical.My chaparral was clearly fast.Thank you very much.

          tim koul , your website is very useful. I now study.Thank you.I boild my slot it cars.

          Josh ,you are justis.I must study much more.Thank you.

          Everyone really Thank you again THANKYOU.



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            K9638, don't give up on the Alfa, in our latest series the Alfa is running 1 and 2 over the Ford GT field. The nice thing about the Alfa is you can fit larger wheels and tires under it, which should provide a nice advantage if the rules allow...Also consider dropping back to a 12t pinion...


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