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  • Which tires to buy?


    I have a carrera track and quite some cars need new tires. I read quite some pages with info but did not find any page that gave some general comparison of the different options and characteristics. I hope there are some experts here that can point me in the right direction.

    Personally I feel my priority order is the following (from most important to least, which is probably totally different from others)

    1. durability (preferably lasting a lifetime)
    2. drivability (it needs to have the right feel)
    3. price
    4. dust/dirt sensitivity
    5. evenness (will they perform similar after driving a few laps and during their lifetime)
    6. performance (performance comes last since I intend to replace all the tires and drive with these cars only)

    If there is already a comparison on characteristics like that please point me to the right page.

    If not all suggestions are appreciated.

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    I think this boils down to a choice between silicone and urethane tires. Both types should go for many, many years and still have the same performance. Silicone tires wear more slowly than urethane tires and have more grip on a clean track. Urethane tires work better on a track that is a little dusty. Silicone tires pick up dust. If your track is a little dusty running your cars and cleaning the tires will eventually get the track clean, at least where the tires roll. Dust does not stick to urethane tires.
    Probably no one maker will have tires to fit all of your cars. You might do some research and find out if there are both silicone and urethane tires to fit a few of your cars. That way you can try out both types, once you decide what type you like better you can order tires for the rest of your cars. If no tires are made specifically for a car there might be something that is close enough for your purposes. In that case you should post a question on the slot BBs to see what other people have used. The expensive alternative for cars that don't have exact replacement tires available is to replace the entire rear axle assembly with aftermarket parts.
    The big players in silicone tires are Quick Slicks, Professor Motor MaxxTrac and Super Tires with the latter two having a bigger variety.
    The players for urethane tires are Ortmann, Paul Gage and Super Tires Yellowdogs.
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      Ole, I run on Carrera and my personal preference is Paul Gage tires. They are urethane tires and come to fit most cars. They are on everyone of my cars.



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        thanks guys.

        I also wondered how to select the right tires. When looking at the different pages I mostly see the rear tires. I understand those are the most important but if I take silicone I suppose I dont want the fronts to be rubber right? (and if I buy new anyway why not durable) How to figure out which silicones fit on the front wheels?


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          Originally posted by dw5555 View Post
          Ole, I run on Carrera and my personal preference is Paul Gage tires. They are urethane tires and come to fit most cars. They are on everyone of my cars.



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            Aftermarket tires are mostly made for rear wheels. Slot cars (unless they have four wheel drive) don't need front tires with grip. There are rubber zero grip front tires from that fit their own wheels and other wheels like CB Design that use the same dimentions. Super Tires has hard urethane front tires that fit and similar front wheels.


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              Do you wanna go fast?

              Then buy a set of each brand and time the car. I'll bet that the Super tire will be the fastest and easiest to drive. Now just a few years ago these tires looked like sections of black garden hose bonded to the rims but we liked the speed so didn't mind. But now they look a little more like real tires with the sidewall curves needed. But anyone who says its too much trouble to clean their track a little just to race these, well you just look in their bedroom and see if they even make the bed in the morning. Or pick up the clothes off the floor. Those are usually the same people who gripe about having to dust their track a little for Super tires.


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                SUPER TIRES !!!
                I have them on ALL my cars. I race ona 200 foot/6 lane Carrera track here in Buffalo. All the guys in our club buy a car then the SUPER TIRES. Great grip and long lasting. I started racing 2 years ago and the tires on my 1st car are still perfect.



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                  Ahh, the tire question, always a good subject to stir debate among fellow racers. Here's my take, and my box currently has silicone and rubber, DART urethane, Paul Gage urethane, Super Tires silicone and urethane, and NSR rubber in it. (Plus a variety of other one offs like original Ortmans)

                  So, for Carrera track I find Super Tire urethane tires work best, especially if you give them a light sanding ahead of racing to put some heat into them.

                  For Scalextric track I find Super Tire silicone is the choice, followed by anything rubber or silicone from

                  For wood definitely urethane tire. (Unless the track has been rubbered in) I find DART tires much better and more consistent than Paul Gage tires.

                  Hope that helps.


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                    I have both Super tire and Paul Gage and the both work well , I find the big difference is on the car they are on , we have around 35 cars and the guys all choose what they find best


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                      Silicones do not wear or sand easily to true or round edges. The older hard edge tires tend to hop if not rounded just a touch up to 1/16" radius. True the plastic rims before mounting the tires. That center rib usually has a mold ridge that alters 'roundness'....

                      Track cleaning should be done before serious racing. Vacumn everything including the scenery and floor - you never know where a car can end up. Tack rag the track surface to eliminate all dust. Washing (with solvents) the 'rubber' off of the racing line can be a matter of pride in the appearance. I like a gray surface so that I can see the surface. Black tracks hide the true surface condition.
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                        Based on your 6 points, really 5 as no one can answer #2 it should be silicones. That dust after racing with urethanes is tires wearing out... if it sands easily you do the math. Point 4 favors urethanes but will also be affected by how clean you keep your track. Silicones will clean the track after x laps...and x is directly proportional to how dirty the track is. Track... Carrera is probably the closest plastic track to racing on wood, painting it will increase your grip tremendously as Carrera has so so grip. Looks better also I think.

                        You left out an important facet of the decision. If you want the most out of the tires they need to be glued and trued. Silicones can take hours of work, other tires, urethanes, rubber not so long. They all benefit from prep. The casual racer may not want to or need to do this as long as no one else racing is doing it.


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                          Front tires, I see your issue with rubber fronts and silicone rear.... I run some that way, maybe most of the cars though I'm sure it must be bad karma it still seems to work. Some of the tire manufacturers have special harder compound front tires which work well also, this is what I have been using of late. Bottom line is the less grip in the front the better. That can be accomplished in a number of different ways some of which basically take the tire material out of the equation such as nail polish. Relative hardness also plays a part but I'll admit to not understanding all of the nuances of that aspect. I actually have a favorite tire that is made by supertires for fronts, a competitor has some but they are actually noisy on our wood track(s) compared to the supertire fronts but seem to handle about the same. For what it's worth I replaced my Carrera track with an MDF track so I do actually have experience of Carrera and Scaley and Strombecker and very quietly even Eldon.


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