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Which Track System for a Newbie? Carrera Go or SCX Compact?

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    SCX cars work great on Carrera GO track. The Indy/F1 cars run especially well.

    If you use the stock Power packs, Artin cars won’t work very well. They’re set up for low voltage/high current supplies and the GO power packs don’t supply enough current. If on the other hand you plan to use a higher current power supply, there is no reason not to use Artin cars or their clones.

    When we ran a 1/43 scale drag series, the Artins were pretty hard to beat.


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      Originally posted by HOguy_56 View Post
      So I've decided to take the plunge and go for the Carrera Go track. Now a follow up question, is it worth considering getting any SCX compact cars (or even Artin cars) at some point in the future, or is it best to just stick with the Go cars? I'm guessing I should probably stay away from the Artin stuff, but not sure about the SCX?
      SCX compact cars are the best RTR cars in 1/43rd

      artin cars can be nice, need work and are smaller than Go!cars. they run at a lower voltage (Go! is 14.8V, Artin is 6 to 7.5V) and you need different controllers as well.

      Go!track would be my track of choice for sure, offers the most track pieces and you can make opening and closing turns.
      you can make adapters to SCX compact track easily.



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        As you can see the stuff arrived tonight, and I'm already having a blast with it. Also 1:43 appears to be very cat approved, they couldn't get enough. Even the wife wanted to join in on the fun, she doesn't drive the HO cars but she had a blast with these. I've already got a couple more cars coming in the mail, with thoughts of buying even more in the near future. Send help.



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          you got the bug, there is no help for it.
          search for SCX compact Porsche and Nascars, they are a blast to drive!

          and donĀ“t even start to remove the magnets, otherwise you will spend some serious time working on the cars, too.and having even more fun ...


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            I just love that cat 'n track picture, awesome that you're all having so much fun!