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  • Carrera GO 1/43 Scale Cars

    I am curious if anyone has found a reasonable solution to the Carrera Go cars where the front end seems to pop up on acceleration due to the Contact Brushes popping the front up higher than the rear of the car.


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    mount a rotating guide under them?
    Adjust the braids so the front end doesn´t get push up?
    Did not see the problem on my Artin track with Go! cars, and since i´m running on wood for the last years - sorry, no experience.
    plus - all my Go!cars got rotating guides under them.


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      Try "combing" out about 1/4" (6mm) of the end of the braid with a stick pin. This will tend to soften the braid and reduce its spring tension.



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        I have replaced the stock GO! pin and pickup braids with Slide Guides. The Slide Guide Pickup Wires perform as well or better than the stock braids with far less contact force. The front wheels touch and roll like they should. Better yet, replacing the GO! oblong guide pin with a guide shoe allows the cars to slide out without binding in the slot.

        I have also prototyped a universal guide mount for 1/43rd scale cars. I've provided a few to customers for test and evaluation. See the photos below.

        Ed Bianchi

        4 Top View 1.jpgUnderside 1.jpg1 43 Slide Guide 1.jpg1 43rd Slide Guide 2.jpg


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          I installed modified Ninco flag guides and a bit of forward ballast.


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            Old School!

            Looks fixed to me Ed.


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              OLD SCHOOL!

              Oh that stings MM!

              Yeah, well, the Slide Guide does date back to the last century. Ya had to remind me, didn't ya...

              Aging in place in Central Pennsylvania,
              Ed Bianchi


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                You can also cut off one of the braids to get the front end from lifting up. I always thought that was overkill anyways.
                As Ed points out, the single braid set up has been in use for over 60 years.

                The kids seem to enjoy this scale...


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