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'King of The Hill at Snyderville' - Carrera Digital 1/24 Proxy Race

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  • 'King of The Hill at Snyderville' - Carrera Digital 1/24 Proxy Race

    Hi guys, it is time for another proxy race at Snyderville Speedway! We will be putting on a Carrera Digital 1/24 scale proxy race next month. Here are the details,

    Location: Snyderville Speedway (Woodruff, SC)

    Date: February 15th, 2020

    Entry Fee: $30, plus shipping to and from
    • Two types of payment options for entry fee - PayPal or sending cash with the car
    • Entry fee due by Wednesday, February 12th if sending via PayPal. If sending via PayPal, please send the funds to and send via the 'friends and family option'
    • Please include the funds for return shipping in your method of payment so that I can get the car back to you as quickly as possible after the event.
    Prize - Prize money will be sent via PayPal
    • 1st - $110
    • 2nd - $60
    • 3rd - $30

    Number of entrants - Must be 12 exactly to run the race, no more no less

    Cars: Carrera Digital 1/24 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R (GT3) and Ferrari 458 (GT3) ONLY - Please note that a maximum of only two of any one livery will be allowed. It is first come, first choice. Custom painted bodies will be allowed.
    • I must receive all cars no later than Friday, February 14th.

    • Rear traction magnet must be removed
    • Stock front (or center if you will) traction magnet must remain in car in stock magnet capsule
    • No additional weight allowed
    • Wheels can be trued
    • Stock Carrera Wheels must be used
    • Tires can be trued
    • Must have stock Carrera rubber tires on front axle
    • Must have silicone tires on rear axle
    • Front tires can be super glued/clear coated on tread
    • Tires can be glued onto the rims
    • Gear ratio must remain stock using Carrera gears 10/50 (No aftermarket gears allowed)
    • Must use stock Carrera D124 motor
    • Axle carriers must remain stock
    • Axles must run in stock bushings, no ball bearing allowed
    • Must use stock Carrera guide flag
    • No suspension allowed
    • No body/chassis alterations or modifications of any kind (filing, shaving, channeling etc.)
    • No alteration to body or chassis in order to achieve body float
    • Factory interior must remain intact and complete
    • Body must be mounted with all factory screws
    • Must use stock guide arm
    • All lights need to be functioning
    • No side mirrors or spoilers/wings allowed on cars to prevent tearing them up during the race
    All cars will be inspected before the race. If any cars fail inspection and have not followed the rules, that car will be disqualified and the entry fee will not be returned. Please take this very seriously, as we want to deter anyone from trying to bend the rules in their favor. Let's stick to the rules and make this fun for everyone! If it doesn't specify that something is allowed in the rules, ask me first or just don't do it to be safe.

    Format: The 12 cars will be split into two groups randomly. Please note that if we have two of the same livery, they will automatically be in opposite groups for the heat race. The two groups of six cars will then have a short qualifying session to determine starting position for the heat race. Once the starting position is determined, the two groups of six cars will have a heat race. The heat races will be a total of 120 laps, broken down into six 20 lap segments where each of our six drivers will drive each car once. At the end of these heat races, the top three cars from each group will advance to the final.The starting order for the final race will be determined by the finishing order and number of total laps in the heat races. The final race will be run just as the heat race, a total of 120 laps broken down into six 20 lap segments where each of our six drivers will drive each car once. The car with the most laps at the end of the six segments will be the winner.

    Content: Each race will be recorded. I will then edit each video with commentary. I will do my best to release the videos very soon after the event is over, but it will be a lot of work with the amount of footage we will have. This is something that I believe everyone can enjoy. I will also post live updates on FB and here on the forums once qualifying is done so that people will know where there cars are starting etc. My goal is to provide everyone that is participating with a premium experience!

    For those interested, I have run one other proxy before here at Snyderville Speedway. Here is a link to that one, I have some experience under my belt now and feel like this will be a much better proxy all around! If you would like to register, please sign up here and declare which car you will be using. If you have any questions, please feel free to post here or contact me at Thanks!

    1. Andrew Richardson*
    2. Jamie Bender - Custom painted C7.R
    3. Jason Coburn - Carrera 23860 C7.R
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    The original post has been updated with the new prize payout. Each of the podium finishers will now be receiving a payout.


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      Good luck with the proxy Josh. Looks like fun.