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What’s happening at Scorpius HQ lately?

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  • What’s happening at Scorpius HQ lately?

    Hi Guys,
    Just touching base with all digital enthusiasts. As you know the forum rebuild then the virus has affected using some way here. So thought I’d drop in to let you know of recent work.
    Mid 2019 we designed a purpose built 6 channel light board with track comms for analogue use. A world first. All controlled by the Scorpius throttle in conjunction with the Wireless Analogue Module. This is on hold because we then decided to build a second generation car chip which I’ll get onto shortly. This is just a variation of the car chip so it makes sense to complete the car chip first.
    it features Nordic’s latest combined nRF/Bluetooth chip.

    Next we announced a wireless light gantry using a HD colour LCD screen mounted on a purpose built Scorpius board that talks to the computer also.
    Its also touchscreen so you will be able to start and pause races and do basic RMS functions without walking to any laptop. Various start light configurations will be available or design or source your own and upload wirelessly. This also features the latest Nordic chip.

    The 3rd initiative in 2019 was to upgrade our car chip.
    i won’t elaborate here as I make a new thread for that.

    March and April has been just firmware updates for both the Lane Brain and car chip.
    A new Ultima firmware has been developed and is available now on the website. Ultima is a best line lane change system with anti collision and livened flippers.
    An upgraded configuration program includes delay and adjustable gate times for the exit flipper as well as a bug fix.

    We also did several car chip upgrades. One gives better reliability when using more powerful motors such as NSR. etc

    Next we changed the radio protocol in regards to Ultima. Previously you needed a specific car chip firmware to operate with Ultima. The meant having to change car firmware if you wanted to race on another Scorpius track do we redesigned how it all works.
    Just the standard car firmware works well.

    Another car chip upgrade sees the PIN security number included in the car telemetry. This allows the race management software to differentiate between cars better as simulations are shared on one channel.

    Other planned upgrades include improved default throttle curves on the controller.

    This week we have been running various motors through an oscilloscope to help better understand motor spiking. We seen some motors go to 7A on stall. A component upgrade is now on the list.

    Next week we start some more track testing and a couple of chips will be sent to beta testers for the first time.

    A decision has been made to also make a Carrera stick so it can be used with the Scorpius controller and an upgrade also for the Lane Brain which include Carrera and Scalextric compatibility and Bluetooth connection.

    For now its back into the Gen II car decoder build.

    Thanks for reading and I’ll make specific thread for the new car chip soon.


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    Hey Rick, glad to see you and scorplus (spelled it right that time) are still around.
    You have a subform under manufacturing and just checked and thought saw questions for you there from while ago
    Btw, what is a lane brain for scaly ?


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      Hi Gorp,
      Yes I’ve seen them thanks for the heads up in fa t I might have another look. Lane Brain for Scaley is a lane change driver for an SSD XLC that has livened flippers, anti collision, best line and wireless telemetry of car ID and location back to PC. A project I started in 2006 that got put in hold due to another big project????


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        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
        This gallery has 1 photos.


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          Scorpius Lane Brain prototype for Scalextric digital 2006 in above post.


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            755B4B6F-6789-4D73-A9C1-F0988E6AB98C.jpeg Sneak peek at work in progress on version 4 of the MPD.
            The previous version was 26.00x13.00mm
            On this version I have added:
            1.Additional photo transistor on flylead on seperate input for Scalextric Sport Digital lane changer electronics with anti collision and wireless telemetry.
            2.Additional LED on its own input for SCX compatibility.
            3.Additional motor drive circuit for SCX plunger or solenoid a second lane changer solenoid ie double lane changer or lane changer with moving exit flipper
            4. Beefed up motor circuit.
            5. Additional EMF protection power in.
            6. Additional EMF protection power out.
            7. More advanced and smaller processor.

            And the size is still 26.00x13.00mm!!!
            Yet again amazing work from John and we are now seeing the benefits of knowledge gained from the Nano decoder which measures only 9.4x5.0mm.

            Leads for hall sensor, front and rear lights and power in/out will have mini jst plugs on flyleads.


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