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Scorpius SSD F1 quick change digital decoder design assessment

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  • Scorpius SSD F1 quick change digital decoder design assessment

    12EB515F-5F25-4D48-9249-0F6B47F30415.jpeg F2816288-8167-4949-BEF6-A8DB5076CDB2.jpeg 7310709D-08E1-42E4-A643-E706A596EEFE.jpeg 4D7978D3-95CB-4821-9E7A-D6A4A88AEFC9.jpeg 6B6A97CA-E2F3-4A7F-95C1-116F126B1939.jpeg FAA7FA9B-18D5-4EB1-A331-53BA5C751070.jpeg Hi Guys,
    Here’s some progress pics shown exactly to scale of our latest idea. Called the Scorpius SSD F1 quick change decoder it is for Scalextric digital only.
    It simply takes the place of your existing quick change braid plate or disc by Scalextric.

    Firstly a side view of the guide with new decoder attached, the oath of the braid and 2 raised conductive bars each side of the guide to press braid firmly onto board contact area and also to push shoe into contact with PCB for motor power.

    Cavity allowed for the plate by existing guide is 15mm height wise. So my entire assembly can not exceeed 15mm.

    Assuming I use a 4 mm board and a 0.5mm nylon insulator washer, custom cut to suit the Scalextric guide that allows 10.5mm highest component. All doable. Just.

    The nRF52832 radio chip also just fits. It’s the largest component in terms of area so if that fits everything else will fit in the 135 or so available Assuming room is wasted with a circular PCB we can probably net around 80 sq mm of that 135

    Now the current F1 nano chip by Scorpius uses 47 so I’m adding an accelerometer and more powerful mosfets and still have room to spare.

    PCB shape layout also shown with dimensions. I’ve only shown the radio chip, nRF52832. This shows the engineer the shape, position of slots and conductive pads for power in and out fir both polarities.

    And finally a pic of the special nylon insulating washer that will be custom cut to suit the guide exactly. This is the crucial part of the design and without it the project cannot proceed. The pic shows how the power that normally goes to motor for analogue cars is diverted to the PCB using a frictional fit.
    I’ve tested this configuration where it only wraps around the plate once, not twice as per factory. Pulling on the braid extremeAly hard seen the braid stay in place perfectly.
    The cut out on the nylon insulting washer allied power from decoder to motor via the factory stainless shoes supplied.

    This decoder also features app connect and wireless telemetry.
    The entire idea is the decoder can be fitted in seconds without removing the shell or the guide itself with only a small pair of side cutters required.


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    Amazing! Almost makes me wish I had Scaley instead of Carrera digital Almost...
    Seriously though, this is really cool. Is it going to be something that works with the Scalextric system by itself or will it only work with the Scorpius system?


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      Originally posted by Scorpius Wireless View Post
      Called the Scorpius SSD F1 quick change decoder it is for Scalextric digital only.
      In answer to your question.


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        Thanks Flip. I'm not familiar with the digital systems other than Carrera.


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          Not speaking for Rick or Scorpius, but I believe the main reason for this restriction is not the technology, but the fact that Carrera and Scorpius both use offset emitters/sensors, rather than inline emitters/sensors like SSD does. The Scalextric guide and braid plate system that this is taking advantage of, is not wide enough to meet the required offset for Carrera or Scorpius.


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