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  • Arc Pro in analog mode

    3FC7F308-EA78-4541-B1BE-9535DBBA888F.jpeg I set up an oval last night with two lane changers and a pit road. Works great in digital. I wanted to run an analog car so I switched it to analog and used the red dedicated controller. The car would get to a lane change section and try to change. Then stop after it crossed. I couldn’t run the car in analog mode. (No chip in the car) to I have to remove the lane change sections to run in analog?

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    Analog means one car, in one lane, with no lane changing. You can't race an analog car like it's digital.
    You don't have to remove the lane changer, but you do need to set the flippers so that cars go straight and don't cross. Analog cars don't have chips to tell the lane changer to reset to straight. You have to do that manually at least once, prior to running an analog car.
    Use the controller paired to green/#2 to control a car in the other lane.


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      I’m well aware of the difference between analog and digital. The car was automatically changing lanes because the lane change flap was on the change position. I moved it to the proper location and all is good now!


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        No offense meant. I speak to all readers when I respond to questions, and prefer to assume things are unknown rather than known. People who are new to the hobby often don't even know there are two different kinds, let alone the differences between them.

        One thing I heard recently is that the most recent DPR chips from Scalextric (recognized by the lack of a "big silver can" component on the top of the chip) emits a "stay straight" signal when it's run in analog mode. This doesn't help cars that have no chip, or have older chips, but if you forget to run a digital car around in each lane without lane changing, to set them all straight prior to switching to analog mode, and have a car with these newest chips... AND have some hard to reach lane changers, it might be worth a try. Once they're all set straight, you can put whatever car you want on.


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          Thank you.


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