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Solution to ARC PRO not counting laps

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  • Solution to ARC PRO not counting laps

    I love my Scalextric digital both original 4 player base then the Advanced 6 Car Digital Power base. Now the ARC PRO wireless, but it has not allowed certain cars to count laps. Group C in particular, but other cars as well. I could always run them on the older systems but the ARC had a serious limitation. I remembered the older blue guides being a problem so they came out with black guides. It occurred to me that the lap counting may require a new longer guide.So I fashioned one out of black electrical tape to extend the guide closer to optical sensor. Sure enough it worked. I have not figured out the exact length needed, too long works, but it has solved the missing lap conundrum.

    I hope this helps someone.

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    There's a much easier fix, if you don't need analog mode.
    Open it up, and carefully pull the gray wire out of the connector that comes from the sensor track. If you do a google search for "ARC Pro gray wire mod" you should find photos.
    The issue is that the digital sensor only watches for a car WHILE the blade sensor is being triggered. As such, if there is too much (or too little) distance between the guide and IR LED, then it won't count. This even causes some of Scalextric's own cars (namely the classic NASCAR line that recently came out) to miss laps.

    The mod is completely reversible by plugging that wire back in. One could also install a switch if one wanted to use analog mode more regularly. The gray wire needs to go back in for analog mode, because analog cars won't count at all without it.


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      Wow, thank you.I'll look at video and preform surgery.


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        I have googled ARC Pro gray wire mod without success. Do I cut the grey wires plural?


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          I literally just Googled your text "ARC Pro gray wire mod" and the top result was to the forum post I refer to. I'll PM it to you.


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            Thank you so much. If I physically cut the wire it has the same result I suppose. This would be easier still.


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              Yes, cutting works, but much harder to restore if you decided you wanted to run analog cars and count laps. Pulling the wire out of the connector is super easy with a sharp tool, so try that first. Some people even go as far as installing a switch for it. At least with this "mod" you can easily restore it for warranty needs, should they arise.


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