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  • Scorpius Multi Purpose Decoder

    image_53428.jpg image_53427.jpg image_53426.jpg Scorpius Multi Purpose Decoder

    The aim: To supply to market one easy to use, multi purpose, multi protocol product, small in size, hardware/firmware rich product that can perform a multitude of tasks for multiple brands. The enthusiast can upload various products into the decoder. Downloads from the website are included in the initial cost of the product. Imagine if your Scorpius Carrera compatible MPD lane changer could re-purposed as a Scorpius Scalextric Sports Digital compatible car decoder? Or as a Scorpius Lane Change decoder? Or as a wireless light board for WAM users?

    The solution: Develop hard/firm/soft/appware that can perform a multiple tasks on multiple platforms. Thus saving development costs and time. Resulting in cheaper more flexible products.

    Functionality: Car decoder. Smart Lane Change decoder. Location decoder. Light decoder (analogue WAM users). Dongle (with resistive output for Scalextric C7042/7030 and Carrera 124/132 Digital CU).

    Product description: A 22x13.3 multi-protocol, hardware rich, multi-function chip. The product can be fitted to any slot car, DPR hatch, track cavity or powerbase input.

    The decoder is designed to fit a DPR hatch using the Scorpius quick release mechanism. It is also designed to fit easily within the cavity of Carrera, Scalextric, Ninco, etc track systems. It can run on 8.5-18V AC or DC using any polarity. It has 3 power drive circuits, LED driver outputs and 1 phototransistor circuit, hall sensor, protection, headlights with high beam, brake lights and proprietary RF and BLE connection.

    The Brands: In alphabetical order: Carrera 132/124 Digital, Scalextric Sport digital, Scorpius Wireless, Technitoys SCX.

    Added functionality: Some functions like lane changing may have additional features added over proprietary functionality, example upgraded brakes, lights, ULTIMA, a combination of AC (anti collision function) and PEARL (programmable electronically activated race line) and location.

    Versions: There is only one version of the MPD. However the default firmware is Car Decoder, which encompasses the brands mentioned.

    See the document for more detail.
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    Sounds cool. Definitely watching this to see how it plays out


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      You may have mentioned in a previous thread, but what is the max voltage the chip will handle?
      I run my D/124's at 20-22v with the stock Carrera 18v motors.


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        " It can run on 8.5-18V AC or DC using any polarity."


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          Release date?


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            Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
            " It can run on 8.5-18V AC or DC using any polarity."
            Thank you Greg


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