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Install Issues with Slot.It SP43 into 2021 Slot.It CW24 Rothmans Porsche 956 LH No. 3

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  • Install Issues with Slot.It SP43 into 2021 Slot.It CW24 Rothmans Porsche 956 LH No. 3

    I recently bought a Slot.It CW24 Porsche 956 intending to put the Carrera digital chip into it. After doing some more research, I ordered the Slot.It SP43 chip instead. What changed my mind, was the car was introduced in 2021 and had the "plug & play" connectors, so that I could switch from digital to analog and back; would not have to solder anything; and would hopefully handle any higher current draw that the motor might require that would be too much for the Carrera chip. I also was influenced by Maurizio's YouTube video on the ease of installing the SP43 chip.

    When the SP43 chip arrived and I was ready to install it, I found that the car chassis 1) did not have the post that was to go into the hole in the circuit board, 2) there is not a hole under the front axle for the retaining clip to fit into, 3) there was no retaining clip for the SP43 at all, and 4) the screw for the Carrera retaining clip was missing from the baggie under the car.

    The good news is that there is room for the chip in the car, and the IR LED does line up with the hole in the chassis.

    I don't think I can return either the car or the chip, so I am wondering what my options are to get the car running on a Carrera digital track, and also to run on an analog track?

    1) Should I abandon the SP43 chip and get the Carrera one? Will it handle the current draw of the Slot.It motor? Will it fit into the car without changes to the cabin?

    2) What other methods can I use to install the SP43 chip? Double sided tape? Low temp hot glue? Something else?

    Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome!
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    I'm just speculating here, but maybe there's been a newer release of the chassis for that car? are always upgrading. Possibly it would be a $6.99 'fix' for the installation.


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      Sounds like it's the right chassis, but has left out some important parts.

      I usually just use a small ball of blue tack putty to hold chips in. Double stick tape is also fine. Gorilla makes a new, thick, double sided tape that's squishy, but not foam, which works nicely as well. do not recommend hot glue because of the possibility of damaging components on the chip, but I know a lot of people use it anyway.


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        I use double sided servo tape works fine here and insulates the back of the chip as well. I have converted 100's of cars using this type of install.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.