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    MDF, Two 4x8 pieces, one joint in the center. Todd had the same foot print if you ever saw his. Mine was grey that being the difference. It had a veneer plastic surface. It was a rescue. The restoration took a few months. Pulled the rail, cleaning of the slot, rail install, honing.
    Kind of track that didn't want to move around to much. 5/8 under lay 3/4 MDF. What was I thinking LOL. I was young is my only excuse.
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      Originally posted by gmcullan View Post
      Is the Wizz track Sintra or some sort of PVC? .
      Sintra is PVC


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        Sintra is a specific brand of which there are multiple possible formulations within the pvc family. Like Lexan being a polycarbonate.


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          Sintra is a brand name for foamed pvc, as opposed to solid “type 1” pvc. Foamed pvc being much lighter and a bit more flexible than solid pvc because of the air inside it. Komatex is another name for this type of product.
          Foamed pvc is good for tracks because it comes in a few more colors, is lighter, is more flexible and a bit easier to cut. Solid pvc will be more durable over years of use.
          Foamed pvc usually has a grained texture to it while type 1 solid pvc is a smoother surface.

          track makers will usually give you the option, with solid pvc being more expensive.

          Back to rail height discussion. Working in a machine shop for a few years, the idea of keeping tolerances of 1 or 2 thousandths over the length of a curving track mounted on a usually less than optimal table, times 4 lanes... is no simple task!!!

          Id day to get them perfect, setting them a bit high /sloppy and then honing to spec might actually save time.