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Viper-Jet - More Weight Comparisons

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  • Viper-Jet - More Weight Comparisons

    I finally had the opportunity to do Viper-Jet testing with all available weights. Test parameters are as follows:

    Track and room temperature: 73o
    Track: Banzai BuckTrax
    Power Supply: Llambda
    Track Voltage: 12.0 VDC
    Controller: M-Magic-S
    Test Car: Viper-Jet with HC brass IR front end, stock gearing, Quicker Engineering 0.250" rear hubs, Super Tire 452 200 Series rear tires in the SE compound. Viper DP body

    Testing was conducted in 3-minute segments per lane, deslots handled with the track call button. Data is reported as total laps/segments.

    Stock weights front and back, total weight w/body 19.5 grams: 165/4
    Stock front weight, HC rear weight, total weight w/body 19.1 grams: 177/15
    VSR light front weight, HC rear weight, total weight w/body 18.7 grams: 178/7
    VSR light front weight, VSR light rear weight, total weight w/body 18.0 grams: 180/9

    Testing clearly shows that as the car gets lighter, it gets faster. The lightest car felt the most "planted" and was an easy, effortless drive.

    Disclaimer: your results may vary and are only valid with the Viper-Jet. All weights used were commercially available and were not modified in any manner.

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    I found the same, although my track was not anything like what I normally use.

    This is why I stopped the research on my weights system, everyone is just going to run as light as the rules allow.

    I think the groups should try and get back to what Gary B intended when he started this whole show in 2006, where the object was not to keep amping up the speeds. But now the manufacturers have started a weights war, and people have been buying stuff, that is not likely to happen


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      Gerry, Just for the curiously minded folk. Could you compare the Viper jet with no rear weights?


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        Hi Jim, will do and probably post results sometime tomorrow.


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          Greg Williams and the Arizona Gang did a test of the G-Jet with various weight kits. No rear weights was the fastest of all.


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            Gary's original G-Jet was a 9 ohm car, everyone else went to a 6 ohm Pro Jet car. Has a newer ohm become available or is 6 the norm?


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              All things being equal, a fat guy riding shotgun always makes the ride slower


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                I ran the test this morning on the Banzai BuckTrax with no rear weights. I did leave in the light front weights as I was too lazy to change them out. All other test parameters were the same as the prior testing.

                VSR light front weights, no rear weights, total weight with body 16.2 grams: 186/9. That's only 21 laps and 5 segments more than the stock Viper-Jet with the standard front/rear weights.

                One of the HOCOC members requested that I repeat the test on the HORacePro Slidertm oval track. This track features non-magnetic braid and approximately 10o of banking in the corners. Parameters were similar to those of the Banzai BuckTrax.

                VSR light front weights, VSR standard rear weights, total weight with body 18.9 grams: 334/5
                VSR light front weights, VSR light rear weights, total weight with body 18.0 grams: 340/12
                VSR light front weights, no rear weights, total weight with body 16.2 grams: 328/1

                As the HOCOC member guessed, some weight is a good thing with the non-magnetic braid. The use of the light rear weights resulted in a very easy drive with greatly reduced rear end drift on the corners and less fishtailing entering the straights. The test with no rear weights showed the car to have vary poor rear bite.


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                  Gerry, Thanks for doing that testing comparison. It matches up to real racing experience. On the 2nd lap of the last segment, I hit the wall and threw out both rear weights. Didn't realize it until the end of the race. I thought that gutter lane was too easy.