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Mounting Old Bodies to Modern Chassis

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  • Mounting Old Bodies to Modern Chassis

    I am mounting older AFX and TycoPro bodies to modern Viper chassis. This is my first body. Had to remove a lot of material above the motor to get the stance low. Also cut the rear engine/trans/exhaust piece and glued to chassis. Repainted and full decals applied. Looks awesome on my scenic track. I like it so much I’ll make another for my static pit scene. Having fun!

    1EFEC712-161F-42FF-8C8E-C61932DCF5D1 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    3DA782CE-9304-4FE5-9DED-084396CAB508 by bonez 300, on Flickr

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    Looks great.


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      Fits nicely! Sounds like a fun endeavor. Whats next, or is it surprise?


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        I found a beat up TycoPro Mustang that I am modifying for my brother. He has an awesome restomod.

        4B388CE8-B854-4FB5-A05C-188A9BF3EEB6 by bonez 300, on Flickr


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          Finished my Shadow while the Mustang paint is drying. Lowered the body, lowered the wing, added mirrors and roll bar. Polished the black and then brushed with Pledge floor wax. Looks great on the track.

          040D7537-0740-48F9-9785-881EB65E14DA by bonez 300, on Flickr


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