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Help identify mystery pickup assembly and weight

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  • Help identify mystery pickup assembly and weight

    I have a box of junk HO car parts from when I was a kid, I'm guessing yard sale finds. I found some pieces that I can't identify. I don't think I ever had a complete car that used these parts. One is a pickup assembly, and one looks like a front end weight.

    I've poked around ebay a bit but I don't see anything similar. Anyone know what cars these parts came from?



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    Not sure about the guide, but the weight is from a Tyco "S" chassis


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      Pick ups are for an Oscar


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        Thank you. I would not have figured out the Oscar. Was that the only reason AJ's made a chassis? Just for the track cleaner?

        As for the Tyco S, the pictures I had found of that chassis did not include the rear weight. Also I had guessed it was a front weight, so I wasn't even looking at the correct end of the car.

        Thanks for the help.


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          Originally posted by Axle View Post
          Was that the only reason AJ's made a chassis? Just for the track cleaner?
          Sorry, Patented Track Cleaner.

          And I see that AJ's did make a few other vehicles, maybe based on the same chassis?


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            Your welcome Axle.

            The Racesavers arent obscure by any means, but they arent necessarily in the fore front of ones mind either. The extended tails on the foils tripped my memory.
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              Back around 1990 when I had the commercial raceway here on Long Island, I used to order any aj's trucks I could get from the distributor. All I stipulated was a reasonable price, and that the thread on silicone tires were black. We used them on Thunderjet and AFX cars. Guys were customizing and mounting the bodies on different chassis and using the motor for various projects, too.
              The chassis weight pictured is indeed from the rear of a TYCO "S" series worm drive car. Enjoy! -- Ernie :>)


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