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  • Magnetometer

    I down loaded this onto my iPad...
    i found it useful in establishing magnets of the highest gauss value and matching the near identical North/South values for each magnet.
    besides it was only 99 cents!

    not sure it works for an assembled car? Maybe a wood or plastic holder (like a modified one piece of a plastic track with the rails removed) would for car magnet comparison)?

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    I have an actual magnetometer and I have found that it can be difficult to get consistent readings because slot car magnets have very irregular fields. A smartphone or tablet has a sensor so that it knows which way you are holding your device and will rotate the display accordingly, the app makes use of that sensor. You should be able to get good relative readings of individual magnets if you use some sort of holder to keep the magnets in the same position. I am not so sure about magnets that are still in the car because those will interact with each other and also with other things that can be magnetized.
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      This app seems to work best in the x or y axis.
      the gauss readings for old tjet magnets were between 20 to 40 gauss for an individual motor magnet.
      does that sound right?
      going to look at the matched pair gauss readings next...
      might find that the north/south cancels each other out, but I’ll see if the reading in the z-axis is any different.


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        If I measure in the center of the armature facing side I read about 350 gauss for the oldest Aurora T-Jet magnets and about 650 gauss for the strongest of the later ones. Super II magnets were the strongest ones that Aurora made and those vary a lot, but the strongest ones are good for 1100 gauss. Johnny Lightning and early Dash magnets are in the 850-900 gauss range and Dash Killer Bee magnets are around 930 gauss. The hitch is that moving the probe by even a tiny amount will greatly change the readings, so I fish around for the highest one. If you are trying to match magnets the absolute value is not important, but you must use a method the yields reproducible readings.


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