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Brass weight for the Tomy Turbo, and more

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    There is no class for this, and the Viper project which also has caddies holding neo magnets (I 'copied' them ) was not well received by the gravity crowd as far as I could tell.

    Gravity racing is an existing class, with rules and downforce limits. They use something called a pin test, but I have never seen it done.

    I'm aiming these bits at those who have Turbos lying around, or are into the new Bulldog chassis that is heavily influenced by it, who might want to play around but without spending a fortune. Just for the fun of it.

    If some kind of racing class does come to pass, that would be very cool. The beauty of the AM parts is they will never run out, and I'd be open to giving the files away free if I recoup my initial small investment. People could then print their own at home, or tweak the designs, which would be great.

    The guys making the wheels and weights are stable too, I'm committed to this if it takes off. Obviously if I start selling I will need to talk to Alan about how that will work going forward, but right now everything is just show and tell, apart from the large weights. Maybe Alan could stock them.


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      Dan at Viper has specifically said the Retro V was not designed to compete in the HOPRA Gravity class. The builders I have spoken with are focused on their own designs. There might be someone who is working to make the car competitive in Gravity, but I am not aware of anyone. As far as the car not being received well by the gravity crowd, I don't agree. Our regional HOPRA club has had an IROC race with the cars and they were well received. The members of the local Gravity group have already bought a set of IROC cars and we plan to add these to our events when we start racing again. I think some guys in the Midwest are looking to do the same thing.


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        That is good to know. My knowledge of the gravity scene is limited, and social media helps information and consensus to scatter.

        Maybe your group would like to test my suite of parts?


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          Thanks, but we have a pretty full list of classes as it stands. For out Gravity group we have the Retro V, Dire Wolf, Fray T-Jets and the HOPRA Gravity. For our regional HOPRA club we are running Viper, Wizzard, and BSRT in our brass weight class and must use the weights from each manufacturer with that car.


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            Yesterday I finally took the plunge and removed the stock motor magnets from the Tomy Turbo can motor.

            I'd read some ideas on how it could be done, and knew it could from the experiments of others, but I was still nervous.

            Turns out it was a piece of cake, even for me. I heated the metal band where it made contact with the motor magnet for about 7 seconds, using my cheapo crème brûlée torch, until there was a burning smell. The magnet then fell off, very cleanly. Repeat for the other side, and.....done.

            This is good, I can sell on the frames with confidence, send them on to be tested etc, knowing they can be used. If I can get the stock magnets out without burning my house down, anyone can


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