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  • Wall wart question

    With this AFX power pack there is some type of barrel inline on the power cord does anybody know what this is? I have other AFX three way power packs like this but they all don't have this inline Barrel . 20210504_184004_Film4.jpg
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    That looks like a choke, it is used to prevent radio frequency interference.


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      Originally posted by RichD View Post
      That looks like a choke, it is used to prevent radio frequency interference.
      Thanks,....Do you mean like a remote control car or a ham radio?
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        RFI could interfere with many types of electronic devices, especially those with wi-fi or bluetooth. AFX uses what looks kike a switching power supply so there is going to be an AC component to its output along with the DC that runs the cars. The cars can also generate RFI, the motor brushes and arcing pickups both generate RFI. The latest AFX cars use closed can style motors that I believe have an internal choke connected to the commutator. There is an RFI filter attached to the motor that has a ground wire connected to the motor case. The RFI filter keeps the interference from travelling through the pickup shoes to the track rails, etc. which would act like an antenna.
        My track has a laptop computer with race management software. The laptop has its own internal speakers, but there are also external powered speakers that can be connected as well. The hitch with the external speakers is that they can pick up RFI. The older AFX Mega G cars cause the speakers to emit static, the newer AFX Mega G+ cars with RFI filters do not.


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