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Ferrari 312T and 312T2 Builds

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  • Ferrari 312T and 312T2 Builds

    I finally got some time to finish Gary's latest Formula 1 bodies - his Ferrari 312T and 312T2.

    The bodies did not need much prep-work to get into the paint booth. After priming I shot the white first (Tamiya Pure White TS-26), then masked where the white decals were located. I then painted the red (Tamiya Italian Red TS-08). I also added scratch built mirrors and used Bare Metal Foil for the wings. Indycals for the decals (also outstanding).

    They look fantastic on my scenic track. See photos. I also included photos of all my Fastlap Formula 1 cars (the Tyrrell P34 was a heavily modified resin I purchased long ago but fits in well with Gary's bodies).

    Many thanks to Gary Fast - I appreciate his efforts to make bodies of subjects dear to me and for the outstanding quality of his bodies. Just wow!

    I am currently working on a March 761. Stay tuned...

    HO Ferrari F1s 01 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    HO Ferrari F1s 02 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    HO Ferrari F1s 03 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    HO Formula 1 01 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    HO Formula 1 02 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    March 761 Beta 01 by bonez 300, on Flickr

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    These 312T's are spectacular!! Your modeling skills are well beyond most. I love the addition of the mirrors. What did you use to make those? I can't wait to see what you come up with in regard to the March.




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      I like the 312T version with the tall air box the most. Here is the one I did.



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        Thanks Gary.

        For the mirrors I use Evergreen round styrene rod that a sand to shape and then paint. I do this on the ends of the rod and then cut off. Then I glue them to the body with canopy glue. I think it adds a nice detail.

        I am really working the March. The original body was sized for the G-Plus chassis. My mods include - reshaping the side pods, lower and elongate the cockpit, reduce the air box and rear wing and adding the side radiators. Will look much more scale.

        I anxiously await your McLaren M23’s but I am looking forward to working on my larger scale static models. These 1:64-scale stuff is tough on the eyes!


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          Who made the March?


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            A friend in Virginia. He also made the Tyrrell P34 casting. Unfortunately, he does not make them anymore.