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Batmobile ?

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  • Batmobile ?

    Did the HO scale Aurora Batmobile, #1385.... bottom copper plate... come with solid ribbits or with holes in the ribbits?
    It seems that most pics. that I looked at there were solid ribbits.
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    The Aurora Batmobile was made from 1967 to1970. I am not certain when Aurora switched from solid to hollow rivets. I bought a very early T-Jet when they first came out and I can't recall if that had solid rivets, my T-Jets from the '60s were all stolen, so I don't know which rivets any of those had. If I had to guess I believe that the Batmobiles had hollow rivets.
    If I am feeling ambitious I will e-mail Bob "Mr. Aurora" Beers to find out what he knows about the Aurora rivet situation.


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      Thanks RichD most I looked at online had solid rivets.
      although I didn't know they made them more than one year.


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        Cars sold online might not be completely original. Some of the Batmobiles could even be Johnny Lightning Batmobile bodies on an Aurora chassis or an Aurora Batmobile body from a hollow rivet chassis.
        I only have one solid rivet car and I got that as a race prize.
        I will have to contact Bob Beers!


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          Thanks RichD, I found the one I was looking for at the show today.
          Bob Beers was at the show. I had already purchased the batmobile,...... finally.
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            I see that the Batmobile that you bought has hollow rivets.