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    I have read some info regarding changing to smaller silicone tires but was wondering on what size to get and where to get them at. Additinally I was wondering if there was any other simple mods to do for either more speed or handling. I have the 1.7 version I think since it has the formula 1 body on it. The only thing I have done is take the traction magnets out of another mega g and double them up for more power. So far it seems tohelp since I can go faster in corners and stay on the track better. Any help or comments are appreciated.

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    no one?


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      I just replaced my magnet with some neo traction magnets. Mad a big difference. Not sure how that compares to doubling up on the regular traction magnets.


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        What you could do and what you might get a reasonable return in speed and handling on depends on your power system for your track mainly. There are many possibilities to improve speed and handling but these are usually limited to : Your wallet, your track size, your ability to incorporate your wanted changes. If you want the simple things, go to a better gear ratio i.e. 7-20 for more top end or get the arm balanced and the com trued. Extreme version-- put in neo motors with L shaped tractions underneath-- get a 33 rewind, add level 52 neo's glued in level with the bottom of car. Metal gears , ball bearings, reinforced chassis etc.


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          Wow Bob, I think you forgot to add big barrels with shunts...

          WHI13tan - I guess you're running the stock power supply (wall pack) on plastic track.

          How about .250 double flanged rims with super tires (silicone) to give a rear wheel diameter of .428. That will lower the rear a lot and you'll have a lot more stick, and will work if you have .015 high rails. Will it be too high for you or drag... welcome to HO. You'll probably need some other sizes most likely taller so get the next two sizes up, especially if you're visiting other tracks.

          You may also want to replace the front tires with something smaller to get it lower. You can also sand or grind down the stock ones or buy an independent front end kit. The major advantage of the kit is much truer rims and the ability to easily and quickly change front tires up and down in size. This will also put the pin deeper in the slot. It's not as much of an advantage as lowering the rear but I think it's the next step in handling. Try as low as .320 with some taller sizes.

          If you lower your front you may end up riding on your pickup shoes. Take them off and flatten them. When you do this you'll have to slightly rebend them, no big deal. Be careful around the brush barrel this will need to be checked and adjusted if the car stutters or runs intermittently etc. Again, this shouldn't be too big a deal.

          You can make any car handle better if you limit pickup shoe travel. Bend the tops of the shoes over. How much depends on track and set up. With the car on a piece of test track, pick up the front and watch the shoes. How far off the track do you need to have the front tires with more shoe travel left? Look at the pin too.

          Neorules mentioned a 20 tooth crown gear, I think I'm running a 22. Most gears will have to be thinned to fit in the tight mega-gear-box.

          Like Neorules said an balanced and trued arm helps. If you get a good arm break it in with something like a 9 volt battery for 30 minutes for the brushes to seat. With a wallpack on a short track it may not be that big a deal. If the arm is out and you have a .0605 reamer around...

          I hope that helps. Disclaimer, these are just some suggestions.


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            I might get into trouble with this but here is a mega-g mod.


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              Originally posted by AMCNUT View Post
              I just replaced my magnet with some neo traction magnets. Mad a big difference. Not sure how that compares to doubling up on the regular traction magnets.
              The stock magnets are Neo, N30s.
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                with my 1.5 mega G I placed the K&J SRT mags glued them in. rear tires I use the Penn Valley tyco rears. this brings the rear way down. I also sanded the chassis so it would not rub.

                Front tires I used BSRT 950's

                after all this the car handles much better. but now I am having problems with the pick up shoes getting power to the arm.

                Shunt wires are next.

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                  Try lifelike M car pickup springs.


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                    take a screw driver or other tool that has about the same diamter of the brush barrel, hook the shoe hanger over it and squeeze the hanger so it it curved to sit round over the brush barrel.
                    then bend the very tip in some so if the shoe goes to lift off of the brush barrel it does not!

                    By doing this I no longer needed to run shunts on my big motor cars!

                    also make sure the shoe is flat ie.. the rail rubs from front to back of the shoe pad!
                    easy way to tell is use a sharpie and color in the pad, run 1 lap and look at the wear pattern!
                    then adjust the shoes till you have 1 even line from front to back


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                      so the easiest things to do are the silicon tires dropping the front and the rear car height and making it to were the contacts do not have as much play and run flat along the track.

                      What tires work well as in size and company for the Mega-G.

                      Also what to shunt wires do I have read about them but do not fully understand them.


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                        yes on lowering the car
                        the super tires are the ones i like, look up super tire on google

                        shunts are electrical bypasses

                        so instead of shoe to the brush barrel to the brush spring, shunts basically take you from the shoe to the brush spring


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                          I am looking at the tires and do not know which ones to get. What is the hub diameter of the Mega G. Also should I get silicone tires for the front or does that not matter.


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                            yes you need to figure out the hub size or use tyco or LL hubs so ha you can use the size chart at super tire site

                            there are also some folks that sell after nmarket double flange hubs as well

                            but will one of the slip on silicone experts help you more


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                              I'm looking at a Mega G and the rear hub is about .272,the rear tire is about .455, and the front tire is taller than .380.

                              If you find some HO links sites you'll find a number of vendors who make and sell all kinds of HP for HO stuff. The big three manufacturers are Scale Auto, Slottech, and Wizzard HP. Scale and Slottech carry Super Tires and I think WHP carries Penn Valley Tires. If you go to Scale's site (for example) you can look at the menue on the homepage on the left side and you'll see super tires. On the super tires page they have a link for a tire size chart which makes this real easy. Scale gets their tires color coded by size.

                              If you want to get a rear tire diameter of .428 or around there you'll need smaller rims. Try .250.
                              Stock rims may be true, but the aftermarket ones, if pressed on with reasonable care, will be very true.

                              I don't know how much you want to spend but the easiest way to get the front down is with an independent front end kit. Scale's kit is about $8.00. You order the tire sizes you want separately. I mentioned as low as .320 before - that would be slammed. The stock front is over .380 so even .340 would be an improvement.

                              If you have a Super G+ the Mega likes nearly the same sizes. If you want a faster car the Super G+ is a better platform. It's been around for a long time and there's a lot of trick parts for it. Scale Auto has a bunch of stuff because their G3/G3R is based on the Super G. If you want more, then step up to the big three.

                              Don't worry about shunts. That's for stuff with big arms - BIG ARMS. Just pay attention to your pickup shoes. Like Slotking said the brush barrel area is critical and the shoes need to wear along the legnth of the contact patch.

                              If you try something and run into trouble Slotking is always here . In real life he's a very nice person. Also (like Slotking), Neorules has a lot of experience.

                              take care, Art