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Is TKO tracks still in business?

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  • Is TKO tracks still in business?

    I sent a deposit for a track in October (that was acknowledged) but can't seem to get a phone call returned or email acknowledged now. I'm getting that sinking feeling.

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    I just raced on a new TKO track in Enfield, CT. Because of the holidays it is possible that nobody has been checking their mail. Hang in there, I waited 11 months for my MaxTrax.


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      I communicated with TKO a few weeks ago about a payment for a controller. Todd told me that they are putting a lot of time and effort into building a commercial raceway that highlights their tracks. While the raceway is open I think that is still taking a lot of their time. That being said I don't see them going away soon.

      My Maxtrax was 7 months in the making 11 years ago. My new 2010 TKO could have been done in less than four. I asked Todd to push it back in their build lineup as I wasn't ready for it. That push back added about a month and a half to the build process. My new TKO took about 5 months from first sketch to final delivery. They were easy to work with and the quality and execution was excellent.


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        Really appreciate the feedback. I had sent in payment right after the grand opening, but was quoted 6-8 weeks. My concern is that it takes 2 secs to respond to an email and I haven't received one. I've been nothing but courteous in my communications so I know it's nothing I've said or my tone that has them ignoring me. I'm gonna have to see if I can find a phone # for the raceway!!! Thanks again.


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          One can understand your concern for a 2 second reply but I can honestly tell you and will put every part, cars, collection and TKO track that I own (Which is featured on the site with the Raiders logo) that you have nothing to worry about. Todd isn't like that and wouldn't stiff you. He is extremely busy and has had tremendous momentum with his business and he doesn't have a huge staff to field and respond to correspondence.

          I know that the support of him conflicts with how you would like to feel but rest assured. Everything will work out.


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            Rick, thanks for the reassurance that's what I was hoping for when I posted my question. I got the same feeling from speaking with Todd and my concern is that something went horribly wrong and the business failed.


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              TKO Tracks Email

              This is an email that I just received from Todd Kaufman, here it is unedited - Michael Block

              First I would like to start off with a public apology to all of our loyal customers. At the beginning of September, we had the opportunity to open a 10,000 sq ft slotcar racing facility to the public as well as a place for potential and existing customers to see and run on our tracks. We spent the next 12 weeks preparing and establishing the store. This effort has put us behind on track building by the same 12 weeks. We have been working 7 days a week in an effort to get caught up on the track building side of the business. The intention of the store from the beginning was to further establish our commitment to the hobby. Unfortunately, this has created a lot of rumors about the future of TKO Tracks. Let us reassure you that going forward we are still fully committed to building custom routed tracks. We are going to do everything in our power to re-establish our reputation in the hobby! We ask that everyone be patient with us for another 4-6 weeks and we should be back on track with normal lead times and responsiveness to emails and calls.

              Thanks for all of the support that most have given us through this trying time and we truly appreciate the past support that got us here today!


              Deb & Todd Kaufman

              TKO Tracks


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                Rich D...not trying to hijack this thread. I am tinkering with idea of racing Ho again in near future and purchasing/building a track. a past resident of enfield ct, i live in southampton ma.and raced with MARC a little way back. can you let me know wher this Enfield track is? and when races or club events are held? Could not find a way to send you a PM.


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                  Greetings Ryan,

                  Look here for info on the Enfield track:
                  There is an address at the bottom of the flyer for one of our websites. Look here for the HOCOC schedule for the rest of the year:
                  If you click on my screen name at the top left of any of my posts you will get a drop-down menu where you can either leave a PM or send me an e-mail.


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                    i ordered a track back in sept 2010 . no return calls or e mails since dec and no track . i did get a phone number for his new track shop 717-905-2097 and someone did answer . but no deb or todd


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                      Surely any tracks ordered before the commercial raceway should have been completed first, and anyone ordering after should have been informed of it's existance?

                      I find the non-returning of email highly rude. If you run a business you should always reply to an email within 48hrs, to say you are too busy to do so just sounds lame.
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                        Well, I'm the guy who initiated the thread on Jan 5th asking if they were still in business. I received TKO's public apology email and replied to Todd that the reason his rep had suffered was his failure to communicate. I asked that he respond to me with a date to have a final build spec conversation and a build date. If he couldn't provide me with dates, please return my deposit. Unfortunately I sent a check and didn't use a credit card or I could have had the cc fight the battle with him to take back payment etc.
                        Todd responded immediately via email that "he truly understood what he did wrong", said we should have final spec conversation on 1/21, he would start building 1/28 and ship NLT 2/11. We did have the final spec conversation with him on 1/21 and he redid drawings. He said to look it over and get back to him on Monday. I did with minor revision. Have never heard another word despite my courtesy and pleas to tell me when he would build my track whatever the answer was.

                        So I can only move on, whatever his issues, I don't think he had any intention of building my track starting 1/28 and shipping 2/11 and I've wasted another month. I could have been close to the top of Brad Bowman's list to start.

                        You know stuff happens, deliveries are missed in everyone's business. How you handle it is how you keep customers.

                        I've filled out the complaint forms to mail to the Attorney General in PA and will mail this afternoon and am looking into how to file small claims court to recover my deposit. Of course I will also file a report with the better business bureau as well. The fact that I'm not an isolated occurrence may help my case and just as important, keep someone from making the same mistake


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                          update on tko

                          I just recieved an e mail from deb at TKO with tracking info on my track 6 months later but i am happy to at least get an e mail . i will post when track makes it safe to my place .


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                            my name is david i sent todd money on aug 13, 2010 he told me 6 to 8weeks, that what he said to build my track seeing how that he is doing everything. track 92ft $ 2,300 ,guidewalls $210 table $1,500 , driver station $120, wiring $200, inlay $300, power supply$175, timing system$215, computer$500, freight $800, special crating $135 total package $6,455 doller. i haven't hear from him in months.the last emall he sent me. he said it would be shipped on monday april 4, 2011 when i spoke to him again on monday he said it could not be shipped due to rain that it would be shipped wednesday april 6 ,this is july and still I have not hear fron him and no track i got ripped off.


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                              This is David I for got to leave my phone number 941-518-3696 and email should any one wish to contact me.