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vintage plunger style controller

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  • vintage plunger style controller

    hey guys just figuring out is it ok to use the original plunger thumb button controller which are original to my set or are their something better i can use.whats the pros and cons.jim

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    What kind of set do you have? Some of the older plunger controllers are remarkably stout. Depending on how they were kept and stored will make a big difference. My first 1/32 track was an old Strombecker and I spent two weeks rebuilding the controllers and made four good ones out of 8 total. In the mean time I bought 2 Parma Economy controllers so I would have something that worked. The Parma's were money well spent and I suggest that you go that rout. They are solid and inexpensive.



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      after a long day of racing, nothing like the pain and dimple on my thumb

      if mechanical, maybe you can rewrap them with better wire?

      but yes the parma controller are a good start!

      are just doing pancake cars(like t-jets) or other as well

      makes a difference


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        Thumb operated controllers were the norm in the '60s, I am not certain when the Russkit (now Parma) type trigger finger controller became the more common type. When I got back into 1/24th scale racing after about 20 years there were no modern thumb controllers to be found. Atlas made the best HO controllers in the '60's, today they look a little cheap, but they are actually a sturdy design and they have a proper ceramic core resistor. I have a couple of 85 ohm controllers that only had their worn wipers fixed after all this time. 85 ohms is good for T-Jets, a lower value, like 45 ohms is good for modern inline magnet cars. Atlas did make a 45 ohm controller as well. I don't recall ever seeing an Atlas controller that had brakes. Aurora had a thumb controller that worked by compressing a stack of carbon discs, those were rough on your thumb! Today I use a Parma style controller, but I turn it around so I can use my thumb on the trigger.


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          sounds like its a little rough on the thumb. ill be running a small 4 x 8 layout and just vintage t jets and early afx. nothing serious for time or anything..........just fun..................jim