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ROKKAR Save it or drive it?

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  • ROKKAR Save it or drive it?

    I just got this car off of ebay. Should I save it or drive it? I'm saying save it.

    Any thoughts?

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    interesting way to package a car. How rare is it? If it is not a common car, I would say shelve it.


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      if you save it, then what?
      it sits, you have no fun, we old farts start to die off, and all the collectibles lose value as our kids dump it on ebay

      if you run it,
      1> you have fun
      2> you have fun running a car that makes collectors sick that your running it! that alone is priceless


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        I'm wanting to build a "Wall of Nerd" that will include lots of fun stuff like this. The fact that the package is in such great condition makes me not want to open it.


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          i think the price paid for the car would weigh heavily into my decision. if i got it cheap, then i'd probably race it. if i paid a lot for it, collector's prices, then i'd put it on the shelf.

          but like you, i think it looks so pretty sitting in the package and i would be tempted to put it on a shelf regardless of how much or little i paid for it.


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            Shelve it ... for now

            I like Slotking's response, but I'll go with BoopieJones on this one. Nice car in a fresh package; might as well show it off for awhile at least.

            I've put "collector cars" on the track before. Slotking's right ... the reaction from my collector friend was priceless. I once raced a pretty fresh AFX Ferrari Daytona in an SG+ race on a 16 ft Scorpion with our local bunch ... it survived even with its mirrors still intact, but watching JH squirm and shake his head was so funny.


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              It was only $20 plus shipping off of ebay. I'm not sure of the collectability of it, but it seems kinda rare. From what I read was that Rokkar was a precursor to the Johnny Lighting. I'm sure some slot car buff on here will chime in.

              I'm not one for 'shelf queens' either, I learned that by racing in RC. I used to get all freaked out if the chassis got scratched underneath. I think it might just be 'fun' to keep it packaged up.


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                I bought a Matchbox 2 car pack. I was so proud to have found this. It was Lil Al Jr and Scott Goodyear crossing the finish line at Indy. The packaging was great! It had a little stripe of bricks and both cars crossing! It was awesome. I had it hanging in my closet with some other artifacts that I was planning to retire on.

                I heard something tumble in the bedroom. That's odd. Then my 18 month old Son#1 walked into the living room. Proud as could be, "Lil Al?"

                He played the wheels off those cars. Well, at least the wings. I will not be retiring early. But they cars got played with and that is what they are meant for.

                My goodness, if that doesn't move you to open that car then watch Toy Story 2 and try to set that unopened car - staring at you & your race track - on the shelf of fun.


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                  If it were new and unused, minus the packaging I'd race it for sure.

                  ...........but with the packaging so nice I'd be very tempted to bang it on the shelf. The Toy Story analogy holds considerable weight but overlooks one simple fact. A toy car can't stare at you while it's in the packaging. Their little eyes don't start working until they are removed from the pack.



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                    I think Rokkar was before Life Like M car...

                    as for racing it...beside what everyone else has said you may also want to think about repair parts...not sue how easy to find.


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                      I think Rokkar was before Life Like M car.


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                        The chassis looks very similar to the M chassis with just slight differences. In fact, I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) the the Life Like M chassis was actually the Rokkar M chassis, and then Rokkar was bought up by LL.


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                          pretty close to how i heard it


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                            Looks great in the package. There are thousands of loose cars to race. Leave this one in the package. Rokar will never make another!

                            Jim Norton
                            Huntsville, AL


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                              If the car had the M chassis it would be a tossup for me. Since it has the earlier chassis and is still in the package I would leave it on the shelf.